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November 4 - 11, 2009

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"Your grandchildren will likely find it incredible - or even sinful - that you burned up a gallon of gasoline to fetch a pack of cigarettes!"
- Dr. Paul MacCready, Jr.

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Leaf Bullet News
Global Renewable Energy
The Carnivore’s Dilemma
IS eating a hamburger the global warming equivalent of driving a Hummer? This week an article in The Times of London carried a headline that blared: “Give Up Meat to Save the Planet.” Former Vice President Al Gore, who has made climate change his signature issue, has even been assailed for omnivorous eating by animal rights activists. Read more here.

World Need for Oil Expected to Ease
The International Energy Agency next week will make a "substantial" downward revision to its long-term forecast for global oil demand, a person familiar with the matter said, marking the second year running the group has slashed its view of the world's thirst for oil.

The forecast of slower growth in oil demand puts the IEA increasingly in a camp of contrarians bucking the popular view that crude demand will grow briskly in a postrecession world. That view holds that long-term demand will grow at a fast clip because of rising emerging-market wealth and consumption in places like China and India. Read more here.

National Obama smart grid
Weatherization: Saving Money by Saving Energy
I've always been a bit of an energy efficiency nut.

I've made it my mission to cut the utility bills at every home we've owned. Long before I learned about the risks of climate change, I was fanatical about energy efficiency because I'm cheap. Read more here.

North America Automobile Sector Bottom Of 'World Sustainability League'
North American car manufacturers have come bottom of the league in the largest ever international study of the global automobile sector's sustainability performance.

The study, entitled Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing, looks at the sustainability performance of 17 leading car manufacturers worldwide between 1999 and 2007. Read more here.

Buffett Bets Big on Railroads’ Future
America’s best-known investor, Warren E. Buffett, is making his biggest bet yet on the nation’s economic future by buying, of all things, a railroad.

After deftly capitalizing on the financial crisis with a series of bold deals, Mr. Buffett on Tuesday agreed to buy the 131-year-old Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation. Read more here, or read a debate about the implications here.

EPA's New Green Parking Lot Allows Scientists To Study Permeable Surfaces That May Help The Environment
Paved parking lots and driveways make our lives easier, but they often create an easy pathway for pollutants to reach underground water sources and alter the natural flow of water back into the ground. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced a study that will investigate ways to reduce pollution that can run off paved surfaces and improve how water filters back into the ground. Read more here.

Tribes claim wind farm would destroy sacred ritual
Bike Path SignASHPEE — From a blustery perch over a Cape Cod beach, Chuckie Green gestures toward a stretch of horizon where he says construction of the nation's first offshore wind farm would destroy his Indian tribe's religion.

The Wampanoag — the tribe that welcomed the Pilgrims in the 17th century and known as "The People of the First Light" — practice sacred rituals requiring an unblocked view of the sunrise. That view will not exist once 130 turbines, each more than 400 feet tall, are built several miles from shore in Nantucket Sound, visible to Wampanoag in Mashpee and on Martha's Vineyard. Read more here.

Your trash could be school's treasure
SOMERSET - Students and families of South Elementary School have been earning free recreational equipment and Cash by participating in the FundingFactory Recycling Program. They collect empty laser and inkjet cartridges and used cell phones from the community and send the waste products to FundingFactory in exchange for their choice of technology and recreation products, or even cash. Since beginning the program in 2004, they have raised over $9,200 in cash and used points to purchase additional recreational equipment for students on the playground. Read more here.

Clean Air Coalition wants answers
SOMERSET — Members of the Massachusetts Coalition for Clean Air have been trying to get NRG to answer some questions about its plan to convert Somerset Station into a plasma gasification facility, but say they have had no luck up until this point.

So representatives of the coalition last week asked the selectmen if they could get some answers for them. Read more here.

Leaf Bullet This Week in Sustainability

Vedic Perspective of the World: Understanding the nature of Ishwara (God), Jiva (Soul), and the Universe (Prakriti)

Friday, November 6 12 pm - 1 pm, UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area
The topic of understanding the nature of Ishvara, Jiva, and Prakriti is very important in today's context of debates about religion, climate change, and sustainability. Translation of Ishvara, Jiva, and Prakriti as God, Soul, and Universe, does only partial justice to this Vedic concept. The Vedic concept, in general, does not separate God from beings, and so understanding this connection is very relevant to many of confusions people have of their power, position, and role in the world. Learn more here.

Campus Cleanup

Friday, November 6, 2:00 - 5:00 pm, UMass Dartmouth
Learn more here.

Healthy Holiday Eating & Diabetes Education

Friday, November 6, 6:00pm – 7:30pm, Our Lady of the Assumption Church 47 South Sixth Street, New Bedford
Presented By Rose Couto, Certified Diabetes Educator Kim Ferreira, Registered Dietitian & Ginny Senna-Davis - Adult Diabetes Advocate. Southcoast Health Van will offer Blood Pressure, Diabetes,and Cholesterol testing from 4pm-8pm BMC HealthNet - Immigrants Assistance Center – May Institute YWCA & Neighborhood Diabetes.

Barrington Town Beach Cleanup

Saturday, November 7, 1 pm - 3 pm, Barrington, RI, Town Beach
Join Save The Bay for a Community Cleanup, sponsored by Walmart, at Barrington Town Beach. Meet at the west end of the parking lot. Drive into the beach and go right to the end. Please wear clothing appropriate for the weather, sun and bug protection, sturdy-closed toed shoes, work gloves if you have them. Please bring your own re-usable water bottle and help us as STB works to eliminate water bottles from our landfills! Learn more here.

Sustainability Webtools 101 (Sustainability in the Classroom)

Monday, November 9, 1:30 - 3:00 pm, UMass Dartmouth Dion 109
Presenter: Rich Legault of CITS. Learn more here.

Sustainability Workshop 101: Reducing Your Office Footprint

Tuesday, November 10, 1:30 - 3:00 pm, UMass Dartmouth Library Viewing Area
Presenters: Michael LaGrassa and staff from the Office of Campus and Community Sustainability. Learn more here.

Atlantic Herring - New England's Most Important Fish

Tuesday, November 10, 7pm, Ocean Explorium, New Bedford
Join us for the Ocean Voice speaker series every Tuesday evening at 7 PM. Admission is $3 adults and $2 for seniors and children. Greg Wells, PEW Environmental Group

Leaf Bullet Save The Date

Winter Bird feeding

Thursday, November 12, 2009, 7 – 9pm, Caratunk Wildlife Refuge, 301 Brown Avenue, Seekonk MA (directions)
Learn how to design a successful bird feeding station. Review different types of feeders, placement suggestions and other components such as plant selection and water in the landscape. There will be a slide show presentation of species that can be attracted to your yard with interesting information and bird identification tips.

Northeast Biochar Symposium 2009

November 13, 8:30am - 5:15pm, UMass Amherst
The Northeast Biochar Symposium 2009 will highlight current biochar research and technological advances and provide vital information to public officials, researchers, farmers and landscape professionals, green industry businesses, and sustainable energy professionals. The symposium will provide a forum for the exchange of research findings, help to gain national media attention and stimulate discussion on biochar. It will also establish a Northeast Biochar Research Consortium. Learn more and register here.

Historic Barns in Southeastern Massachusetts

November 16, 6:30PM, Bristol County Agricultural High School (in the library), 135 Center St., Dighton
Barns are a treasured part of the rural Massachusetts landscape but are too quickly becoming an endangered species. Hear about the styles of barns in Southeastern Massachusetts, tips on stabilizing barns until full preservation can begin, and how the Community Preservation Act supports historic preservation in other Massachusetts towns. Speakers include master timberframer Ian Ellison and other Massachusetts historic preservation specialists.

Submit pictures of local barns with specific questions to Kelley Whitmore, kwhitmore@ttor.org. Please know we may not be able to cover all submissions. Pre-registration via email to Kelley is requested by not required.

Invaders in Our Midst

Tuesday, November 17th, 9:30am, Union United Methodist Church - 600 Highland Ave, Fall River
An educational program that will tell about the havoc being caused by the Asian Longhorned Beetle and the danger it presents for many of our trees. Presented by Jennifer Forman-Orth, PhD, State Survey Coordinator for Massachusetts Department of Agriculture. Hosted by Fall River Garden Club. Open to the public. Free.

Religion, Science and the Environment: A Black Sea Cruise

Tuesday, November 17th, 12-1:30 pm, UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area
The first Earth Day in 1970 provided hope and a rallying point for addressing environmental quality needs that had grown acute in "backyards", and some that had been festering for decades on a much larger scale such as DDT and other chlorinated pesticides, PCBs, oil spills, and direct discharge of raw municipal and industrial sewage to rivers, lakes and coastal ocean areas. During the 1970s and early 1980s there was progress, although some of the problems of those times linger today. Simultaneously, there were growing concerns about the reality of human civilization engineering planet Earth to the detriment of valued living natural resources and humans. This led visionary leaders in the religious, scientific, and political sectors to attempt to instill a sense of urgency into responses to this growing crisis by combining scientific facts about the environmental concerns with the inspirational forces of religions and belief structures to support policies that would contain global and regional environmental degradation (e.g. global biotic impoverishment, human induced climate change), and put humanity on a path of sustainability. This talk is about a brief history of aspects of these interactive religion, science, and environment efforts and a specific regional example that began in the Mediterranean and Black Sea area in the late 1990s. Learn more here.

Environmental Studies under Sail - Sea Creatures, Policy, Pollution and Adventure on the High Seas

Tuesday, November 17, 7pm, Ocean Explorium, New Bedford
Join us for the Ocean Voice speaker series every Tuesday evening at 7 PM. Admission is $3 adults and $2 for seniors and children. Dr. Erik Zettler, Assoc. Dean for Institutional Relations and Research, Sea Education Association

Sustainability Workshop 101: Reducing Your Office Footprint

Tuesday, November 18, 1:30 - 3:00 pm, UMass Dartmouth Woodland Commons
Presenters: Michael LaGrassa and staff from the Office of Campus and Community Sustainability. Learn more here.

Sustainability Webtools 101 (Sustainability in the Classroom)

Thursday, November 19, 1:30 - 3:00 pm, UMass Dartmouth Dion 109
Presenter: Rich Legault of CITS. Learn more here.

Plastic Debris in the Ocean and at S.E.A.

Tuesday, November 24, 7pm, Ocean Explorium, New Bedford
Join us for the Ocean Voice speaker series every Tuesday evening at 7 PM. Admission is $3 adults and $2 for seniors and children. Dr. Kara Lavender Law, Chief Scientist, Sea Education Association

Build a Bird Feeder Workshop

Saturday, November 28, 1:00pm, Buttonwood Park Zoo, New Bedford
These Plexiglas and plywood bird feeders make great holiday gifts! One birdhouse kit is included in the program fee. Additional kits will be available for purchase the day of the workshop at the price of $6 each. This workshop is recommended for children age 5 and older. There is no charge for adults to attend the workshop. Participants must pre-register and pre-pay online or by calling 508-991-4556, ext 14. Cost: $15/child for Zoo Members, $22/child for Non-Members. Register here.

Sustainability Film Series - Soylent Green

Wednesday, December 2, 6:30 pm, UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area
The is the year 2022. Overcrowding, pollution, and resource depletion have reduced society's leaders to finding food for the teeming masses. The answer is Soylent Green - an artificial nourishment whose actual ingredients are not known by the public. Thorn is the tough homicide detective who stumbles onto the secret so terrifying no one would dare believe him. Register here.

Dartmouth Wind Turbine Project Forum

Wednesday, December 2, 7-9 PM, in the Dartmouth Middle School auditorium
There will be briefings by the AEC, ADE, DPW, FinCom, ConCom and others who have been working with us. There will be questions from the audience and answers from us. Statements from folks who support the project are also welcome. Register here.

Leaf Bullet Weekly Green Tip

Unlock the Natural Healing Powers of Your Pantry

Cure stomachaches, chapped lips and more with household items and Michael de Jong's Clean Cures. Click here to learn more.

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