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February 24 to March 3, 2010

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Economic Hitman comes to UMD

Environmental Film Fest

Get your Roots Down


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Shrink Your Footprint Fair

Carbon Panel Discussion



Organic farm seeking interns

Marion Institute seeking development director

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Make your own all-purpose green cleaner

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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
A quick 2:26 clip previewing the upcoming ABC miniseries about changing the US diet

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"I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.
- John Cage

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Leaf Bullet News
Bluefin Salmon Farms: Feedlots of the Sea
For years I've followed reports about the environmental downside of open-water salmon farms, which is to say virtually all salmon farms. My conclusion is that they are one of the most environmentally destructive ways we produce food. A salmon farm is nothing more than a vast, floating feedlot, except feedlots, at least nominally, have to dispose of food waste, dead animals, and excrement in suitable containment areas. Salmon feedlots flush it all into the sea. Read more here.

Australia sets Japan Nov deadline to halt whaling
CANBERRA (Reuters) - Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has set Japan a November deadline to stop Southern Ocean whaling or face an international legal challenge to its yearly cull, launched by his government.

Australia preferred to find a diplomatic solution to its standoff with Tokyo over the annual whale cull near Antarctica, Rudd said, but was serious about a threat made two years ago to challenge the hunt in an international court. Read more here.

SoilNew research: synthetic nitrogen destroys soil carbon, undermines soil health
For all of its ecological baggage, synthetic nitrogen does one good deed for the environment: it helps build carbon in soil. At least, that’s what scientists have assumed for decades.

Well, that logic has come under fierce challenge from a team of University of Illinois researchers led by professors Richard Mulvaney, Saeed Khan, and Tim Ellsworth. In two recent papers (see here and here) the trio argues that the net effect of synthetic nitrogen use is to reduce soil’s organic matter content. Why? Because, they posit, nitrogen fertilizer stimulates soil microbes, which feast on organic matter. Over time, the impact of this enhanced microbial appetite outweighs the benefits of more crop residues. Read more here.

Scientists hit by climate doubt fallout
Fallout from a loss of public confidence in climate science is affecting other fields of research, a top US academic claimed.

American opinion polls point to a general deterioration in people's faith in science, according to Dr Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences.

It came after two major public relations setbacks for the global warming gurus. Read more here.

Moo!Cows Need Grass, and USDA Agrees
After one of the most contentious issues in the organic food world was put to rest a week and a half ago, I happened to be feeding a few goats in Massachusetts. I pulled some grass from a nearby field and walked over to the animals. They came right up to me and started eating the fresh forage from my hand. There was hay nearby but the green stuff clearly won the taste test.

Over at the USDA, it took more than a decade of complaints and advisory statements, reams of documents, a dairy symposium, five listening sessions, at least two comment periods, the overhaul of the USDA's National Organic Program, the new Obama administration, and vigorous lobbying by small dairy farmer groups to arrive at the same conclusion as these goats: ruminants such as cows prefer grass, and on organic farms they should be required to graze a minimum amount of pasture. Read more here.

NukesHey green spender: The truth about eco-friendly brands
IF YOU care about the environment, you may want to show that in the way you spend your money. Maybe you shop at an organic food store rather than a conventional supermarket. You probably look at energy efficiency labels before buying a new laptop. And if you're really serious, you may even be concentrating your nest egg into "green" investment funds.

All of these decisions could help steer us towards a truly green economy - but only if consumers and investors have a good idea of which companies have genuinely minimised their impact on the environment. Do the corporations that benefit from our environmentally conscious purchasing and investment choices deserve their green halo? Read more here.

snowA Base for War Training, and Species Preservation
FORT STEWART, Ga. — Under crystalline winter skies, a light infantry unit headed for Iraq was practicing precision long-range shooting through a pall of smoke. But the fire generating the haze had nothing to do with the training exercise.

Staff members at the Army post had set the blaze on behalf of the red-cockaded woodpecker, an imperiled eight-inch-long bird that requires frequent conflagrations to preserve its pine habitat. Read more here.

EPAGreen Is the New Black
The office of Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson lies halfway between Congress and the White House. The placement is appropriate; the 48-year-old New Orleans native—the first African American to run the agency tasked with protecting the air, water and health of Americans—walks a line between action and negotiation every day. She keeps a copy of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax—the mythical creature who “speaks for the trees”—in her office, alongside photos of herself grinning with Gen. Colin Powell; her former boss, New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine; and President Barack Obama. Read more here.

UMassHow 'green' is their valley?
A UMass exhibit explores sustainable architecture
Meg Vickery wants to dispel the notion that you have to be a “tree-hugging, granola person’’ to invest in green, environmentally sound architecture.

“Green houses can be really attractive and exciting,’’ said Vickery, curator of “Greening the Valley: Sustainable Architecture in the Pioneer Valley,’’ a new exhibition at the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s University Gallery. “You can incorporate green elements into existing Colonial- and Cape-style houses. I wanted to show people that green is accessible, that down the street is an architect who can help you make your home more sustainable.’’ Read more here.

R.I. draws federal wind power spotlight
Saying that for too long the Atlantic states, including Rhode Island, have toiled separately in developing offshore wind energy, Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar gathered the governors of those states Friday in Washington, D.C., and pledged to form a consortium to speed development of wind energy.

Salazar cited Rhode Island for doing major studies to zone its offshore waters and pick the best locations for wind turbines that would minimize interference with other marine uses such as fishing or shipping. Read more here.

Brayton PointBrayton Point towers are stretching skyward
SOMERSET — These days, the shores of Mount Hope Bay and the Taunton River bristle with cranes and the signs of new construction.

At Brayton Point Power Station, the construction is the cooling towers, part of a $500 million system that will cut the amount of water the plant takes in for cooling purposes and reduce the amount of heated water the plant discharges back into the bay. Read more here.

Rochester group arranges recycling of electronics
ROCHESTER — As part of the March 20 TEAMS Green Fair, Miracle Network Solutions of Middleboro has arranged for CRT Recycling of Brockton to collect hard-to-dispose-of items such as computers and TVs.

CRT Recycling will be in the parking lot of the Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School where the fair will be held. Read more here.

Leaf Bullet This Week in Sustainability

Aquaculture Panel Discussion sponsored by SIFE

February 25, PLEASE NOTE TIME CORRECTION 6:15 pm, UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area
Discuss aquaculture. Details here.

Roots Down Meeting

February 25, 4PM-6PM, Rotch-Jones-Duff House & Garden Museum, 396 County St. in New Bedford.
This series of four workshops is geared toward new and experienced gardeners who are interested in learning more about organic growing techniques, connecting with other gardeners, and learning about nutrient dense food production. Each workshop will build on topics presented in the earlier workshops, so we invite and recommend attending all four dates. More details about each session available at brixbounty.com

Please RSVP to preregister by contacting us at 508-992-1868 or emailing derekchristianson@gmail.com. We plan to resume monthly Roots Down - New Bedford Workshops in April 2010. Visit www.BrixBounty.com for more information.

Where: At the Rotch-Jones-Duff House&Garden Museum, 396 County St. in New Bedford. Meet in the Coachman’s House (enter off 7th st.)

Harbor & Aerovox Monthly Cleanup Meeting

February 25 7:00 – 8:45 p.m. New Bedford Public Library 613 Pleasant Street, New Bedford, MA
Please join the EPA, MassDEP, and City of New Bedford representatives of the Harbor and Aerovox Cleanup Team for the monthly update and Q&A session at the New Bedford Public Library. February’s meeting will focus on this year’s plan to begin the Aerovox Mill demolition process. The meeting will include a presentation from the responsible party that will be performing the demolition. The meeting space is fully accessible. Translation services will be available. If you have any further questions or special needs, please contact Kate Renahan, U.S. EPA Toll Free 1-888-372-7341 ext. 8-1491

Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival 2010

February 25 - 28, various locations and times
For the 2nd year in a row, Save The Bay brings you some of the most popular short films from the Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival -- the largest of its kind in North America! This year the films will be shown over three days in three locations:
Thursday, February 25
6:00 - 8:00 pm La Grua Center 32 Water St., #7 Stonington Common Stonington, CT
Friday, February 26
6:00 - 8:00 pm Jane Pickens Theatre 49 Touro St., Newport, RI
Sunday, February 28 4:00 - 6:00 pm Avon Cinema 260 Thayer St., Providence, RI Details here, or order $10 tickets here

Nest Box Building

February 27, 1 - 3PM, Watuppa Reservation Headquarters, 2929 Blossom Road Fall River
Help to improve bluebird habitat by building nest boxes to be installed at a number of our South Coast reservations. The populations of these beautiful birds have been in decline due to a shortage of natural nesting cavities and competition from non-native species. By helping to build well-designed nesting boxes you can encourage the return of these birds and improve the biodiversity of our region. Register here. $12 covers materials and refreshments.

Facing the Economic Upheaval Together

February 27, 1 - 5PM, The Paulist Center - 5 Park Street, Boston
A facilitators-training event. Who Should Come: People with experience in leading groups. No other expertise needed. We recommend coming in teams of 2 or more to make getting started easier. The Training: We will train you on our 5-session curriculum to get you started. It's simple, participatory and truly rewarding. The Trainers: Chuck Collins and Andrée Zaleska from the Institute for Policy Studies, and Alexa Bradley from On the Commons On-Going Support: We will provide you with all the materials you need, facilitation support and additional downloadable resources. Register here. FREE.

John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man and Hoodwinked

March 1, 7 pm, UMass Dartmouth Campus Auditorium
The current crisis is a classic hit by economic hit men (EHM) – except this time the victims are us. Drawing on personal experiences described in his blockbuster books, John Perkins explains how tools honed during the past four decades in developing countries are enabling the extremely rich to purchase businesses and real estate at fire sale prices and exploit human and natural resources. However, crises offer opportunities. Perkins presents a plan for transforming the economy and describes ways each of us can employ our individual passions and skills to not only prosper but also create a world we will be proud to pass on to future generations. Details here.

The Elm Dance

March 3, 7-9PM, Spring Street Meeting House, 83 Spring Street, New Bedford, MA.
We (Marcia Glynn, Deirdre Healy, Emily Johns and Laurie Robertson-Lorant) hope that you'll be able to join us in at least a few rounds of The Elm Dance. Dancing one round takes 5 minutes. Created to honor nuclear radiation survivors around the world, it is a peaceful, harmonious experience. CONTACT: Emily Johns 508-994-2164. GOOGLE: Joanna Macy.

Leaf Bullet Save The Date

Environmental Education: The Fun of Science

March 4, doors at 6:15, talk at 7, Ocean Explorium, New Bedford
By Jasmine Smith-Gillen, Associate Educator-Naturalist, Lloyd Center for the Environment
The Ocean Explorium, with generous support from the Women's Fund of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts, is pleased to host the second annual Women in Science + Engineering (WiSE) Speaker Series during the month of March. This series will bring together successful women from our local community and beyond. Every Thursday evening in March a different speaker will present highlights of her personal journey and accomplishments. Details here.

Bluebird Monitoring Training.

March 7, 1-3:00 pm, Westport Town Farm, 830 Drift Road, Westport
The open fields of our South Coast reservations provide ideal nesting habitat for rare grassland birds such as Eastern Bluebirds. Volunteers are needed to monitor nest boxes regularly during the spring and early summer at locations in Fall River, Westport, Dartmouth, and Rochester. Come learn how you can participate in this ongoing project to bring back the Blues. Free. The Trustees of Reservations. 508-679-2115, bioreserve@ttor.org. Details here.

Carbon Panel Discussion

March 8, 12 noon, Library Browsing Area
Carbon Panel Discussion with Chad McGuire, Ron Fortier, Adam Sulkowski. Carbon and its implications for a sustainable world. The purpose of this panel discussion is to explore the role of carbon within the larger context of sustainability. To do this, the panel will view carbon through the following lenses: * The carbon cycle; * Human influences on the carbon cycle * How carbon is regulated * How carbon is used; and * How carbon impacts our social fabric. The goal of the discussion is to consider carbon as a singular topic, looking at its role and impacts on human sustainability. Details here.

Sustainability Seder

March 9, 5 p.m., UMass Dartmouth Campus Center, 2nd Floor Conference Room

The community is welcomed to a Sustainability Seder on the UMass Dartmouth campus.

Shrink Your Footprint Fair

March 13, 1-5 p.m., Greater New Bedford Voc Tech High School
Now in its third year, the Shrink Your Footprint series of environmental workshops has expanded into a half-day fair featuring workshops for the whole family on how to live an economically healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Several SEEAL partner organizations are working together on this project, including Buttonwood Park Zoo, Marion Institute, Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust, Lloyd Center for the Environment, Massachusetts Audubon Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary, Westport River Watershed Alliance, Brick by Brick, and Alliance for Climate Education.

Several vendors will also be at the event with items for sale, and information that will help attendees shrink your footprint. There will be a free raffle for everyone that attends, with prizes from the vendors and sponsoring organizations. Admission is free for the event.

Green Fair 2010

March 20, 10am-4pm, Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School
The intent of our Green Fair is to promote individual choices that reduce the human impact on southeastern Massachusetts watersheds, especially those of the Assawompset Pond Complex, and to connect people with other organizations that are trying to do the same, including organizations and agencies that preserve and protect land and water resources and promote enjoying and understanding the workings of nature in southeastern Massachusetts. FREE raffle will take place at the Fair - The winning ticket will receive a collection of items donated by many Green Fair exhibitors. Visit the Green Fair, try your luck with the raffle and learn how to protect your family, home and world. Details here.

Healthy SouthCoast by Design Summit

March 23 & 24, Location and time TBA
Healthy SouthCoast by Design Summit is a two-day, hands-on conference being held on March 23 & 24, 2010. The two-day presenter is Mark Fenton, a nationally recognized expert on healthy communities. For more information about what Mark will be speaking about visit this website: www.nspapph.org/resources/video.html This is a free event. Details here.

Dmitri Orlov

March 25, 7 p.m., UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area

Join us for a presentation by Dmitri Orlov, provocative author of Definancialization, Deglobalization, Relocalization: Managing Risk and Building Resilience in a Resource Constrained World. Details here.

Enhance Your Farm’s Future

March 27, 8:00 am-4:00 pm, Bristol Aggie

3rd Annual One-Day Farm Conference & Resource Fair Organized by Bristol County Conservation District & SEMAP Saturday, March 27, 2010, 8:00 am-4:00 pm Bristol County Agricultural High School, 135 Center St., Dighton MA. Register here.

Westport River Watershed Alliance Annual Meeting.

March 27, 3-5:00 pm, Westport Grange, 931 Main Road, Westport, MA.

Bill Napolitano, Environmental Program Director for the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD), and Betsy White, WRWA’s Wild and Scenic Coordinator, will present on what a Wild and Scenic Designation would mean for the Westport River watershed. Also, Jim Rathmann will be nominated to the Board of Directors and we will present the WRWA Annual Environmental and Volunteer Awards. Refreshments will be available. Please R.S.V.P. (508) 636-3016, or e-mail info@wrwa.com. Details here.

Regional Conference on Sustainability

April 27, 8:30-4:00 p.m., Bristol Community College

Regional Conference on Sustainability featuring keynote presenters including Richard Heinberg and Mark Sylvia Director of Massachusetts Green Communities Division, and panel discussions of special interest to municipal leaders and local businesses. Sponsored by the Southeastern Massachusetts Council on Sustainability.

Leaf Bullet Announcements

Kettle Farm Pond Seeks 3 Interns

For the 2010 season we are looking for three unique individuals to intern from April through October. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about sustainable organic farming by farming! We hope to foster a learning atmosphere that will benefit the farm and the interns. There are plenty of opportunities for interns to share their skills and interests with the farm whether it be writing an article for the weekly newsletter or helping with educational programs. More details here.

The Marion Institute seeks a Development Fundraising Professional

The Marion Institute (MI) (www.marioninstitute.org) seeks a Development Fundraising Professional to join the Executive Director and MI team. We are looking for a person who is excited by the prospect of leading and managing all aspects of MI’s fundraising. Founded in 1993, the Marion Institute is a member based non-profit that acts as an incubator for a diverse array of programs and projects that delve into the root cause of an issue and seeks to create deep and positive change. We work with individuals, schools and communities to inspire change in the areas of health and healing, sustainability, green economics, environmental education, spirituality and much more. More details here.

Part Time Position-Organizing Fall River Park Advocates

Deadline: February 22.
Partners for a Healthier Community and Mass in Motion-Fall River seek committed Fall River resident to assist in organizing Fall River Park Advocates, a network of groups and individuals committed to the protection, preservation and planning for the future of Fall River’s parks and open spaces. Fall River Park Advocates is a branch of the Urban Park Advocates Network, (www.urbanparkadvocates.org) an initiative of The Trustees of Reservations.
Send: Letter of interest and resume to Julianne Kelly, Coordinator, Mass in Motion - Fall River, One Government Center, Rm. 443, Fall River, MA 02722 / jkelly@fallriverma.org

Mini- Grant Proposals for Fairhaven Schools

The Fairhaven Sustainability Committee (FSC) is seeking "mini grant" proposals to be funded for completion by the end of the school year. Up to $300.00 is available for a school based project to help the sustainability committee achieve it's mission to study, recommend and facilitate actions and systems that will educate and engage the community and lead to the responsible consumption of resources and the implementation of life sustaining practices in order to create a healthy environment and future for our community. Teachers or staff from all disciplines in the Fairhaven school system are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must complete the short mini-grant application and submit it to the (FSC) by March 19th. Proposals will be judged by the Fairhaven Sustainability committee and a winner will be selected by April 1st for implementation by the end of the school year. Here is a copy of the application which can be emailed to dhealy@umassd.edu or mailed to Deirdre Healy 2 Layfette Street Fairhaven

SEMAP looking for Executive Director

Position announcement - accepting applications until March 1, 2010
The SEMAP Executive Director:

  1. Actively seeks economic development opportunities for the region’s commercial farmers. Is responsible for securing funding to implement the SEMAP mission, meet operating needs, and assure long-term fiscal stability of the organization. In addition to grant writing, the Executive Director is expected to use multiple approaches including a) corporate membership, b) individual membership, and c) community visibility and “revenue-positive” event planning.
  2. Provides leadership for the operations of SEMAP.
  3. Maintains and develops SEMAP’s signature programs and services.
  4. Works with and reports to the SEMAP Board of Directors.

For more information, contact info@semaponline.org -- include "SEMAP search" in the subject line

Brix Bounty Farm Apprenticeships and Other Opportunities

Visit - http://www.brixbounty.com/about/apprenticeships/ for more information about agriculture production apprenticeships, urban agriculture apprenticeships, internships & research opportunities, and mini-apprenticeships at Brix Bounty Farm. We also have a listing of other local farms currently offering apprenticeship opportunities on the apprenticeship page. The next round of "mini-apprenticeships" are scheduled to begin in mid to late February 2010.

Interested in Joining the Brix Bounty Team? Please send a letter of interest to derekchristianson@gmail.com or call 508-992-1868.

Roots Down Winter Schedule

4 Thursdays (Feb 18, 25 and March 18, 25) 4PM-6PM
This series of four workshops is geared toward new and experienced gardeners who are interested in learning more about organic growing techniques, connecting with other gardeners, and learning about nutrient dense food production. Each workshop will build on topics presented in the earlier workshops, so we invite and recommend attending all four dates. More details about each session available at brixbounty.com

Please RSVP to preregister by contacting us at 508-992-1868 or emailing derekchristianson@gmail.com. We plan to resume monthly Roots Down - New Bedford Workshops in April 2010. Visit www.BrixBounty.com for more information.

Where: At the Rotch-Jones-Duff House&Garden Museum, 396 County St. in New Bedford. Meet in the Coachman’s House (enter off 7th st.)

Participants wanted for 2010 Green Fair

ROCHESTER — TEAMS and TRWA are seeking individuals and businesses that would like to display their environmentally friendly services or products at the 2010 Green Fair, which is scheduled for Saturday, March 20, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Old Colony Vocational Technical High School at 476 North Avenue in Rochester. Space is limited. Anyone interested should contact TEAMS at teams-info@hotmail.com and visit the web site www.teams-on-web.org for more information. Read more here.

Lloyd Center Seeking Director of Development

The Lloyd Center for the Environment, a highly regarded research and educational organization, headquartered in Dartmouth Massachusetts, seeks an experienced Director of Development to work closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in developing and executing an aggressive fundraising strategy. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Weekly Green Tip
All purpose earth friendly cleaning fluid recipe
Looking for a recipe for a green cleaning fluid you can use on just about anything around the home? Try this environmentally friendly cleaner recipe kindly contributed by a Green Living Tips reader. It's very cheap, quick and simple to make! Learn more here.

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