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March 3 to 10, 2010

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Quarterly Meeting of the Council on Sustainability

Organic Gardening Workshop



Dartmouth YMCA seeks (FREE) help

Call for mini-grant proposals

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Zap Harmful Air Pollutants, Naturally

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Poisoned Waters
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"We thrive and survive on planet earth as a single human family. And one of our main responsibilities is to leave to successor generations a sustainable future."
- Kofi A. Annan

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Leaf Bullet News
Peepoo For Pennies, a Disposable Toilet That Could Help Grow Crops
A Swedish entrepreneur is trying to market and sell a biodegradable plastic bag that acts as a single-use toilet for urban slums in the developing world.

Once used, the bag can be knotted and buried, and a layer of urea crystals breaks down the waste into fertilizer, killing off disease-producing pathogens found in feces. Read more here.

Hu says China committed to fighting climate change
BEIJING (Reuters) - President Hu Jintao said on Tuesday China was committed to fighting climate change, both at home and in cooperation with the rest of the world, but stopped short of offering any new policies. Read more here.

carbon marketHopes for $2 trillion global carbon market fade
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Investors are becoming less convinced that a global carbon market, estimated to be worth about $2 trillion by the end of the decade, can be established as uncertainty over global climate policy persists.

The absence of legally binding global climate deal and a federal emissions trading scheme in the United States are standing in the way of the market in global emissions trading growing to achieve yearly turnover of $2 trillion by 2020. Read more here.

Old TVs spark environmental dispute
Nine truck-size shipping containers filled with old televisions from a Brockton recycling company are at the center of an international dispute drawing attention to a major problem in the regulation of hazardous electronic waste: When is a product intended to be reused, and when is it trash?

The containers, shipped to Indonesia by CRT Recycling Inc., were seized by port officials there after an environmental organization staked out the company’s Massachusetts operations and alerted the Indonesian government about a possibly illegal shipment of e-waste. Read more here.

RebatesObama proposes $3,000 home energy rebates
SAVANNAH, Georgia (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Tuesday proposed rebates of up to $3,000 to help homeowners pay for the cost of making their homes more energy efficient as part of a $6 billion program to create jobs.

In his latest step to convince Americans he can ease their economic woes, Obama traveled to Savannah Technical College to unveil a plan that could create tens of thousands of jobs. Read more here.

Bottle BoatTrash floats eco-warrior's boat
David de Rothschild plans to sail the Plastiki, his catamaran made of soda bottles, to the giant floating garbage patch in the Pacific to publicize environmental woes.

Reporting from Sausalito, Calif. - David de Rothschild is talking trash, lots and lots of trash.

"There were 25 billion Styrofoam cups used last year. How do you even get your head around what 25 billion Styrofoam cups looks like?" he said. "Eighty-odd percent of what's purchased by Americans is thrown out within six months." Read more here.

snowOp-ed: We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change
It would be an enormous relief if the recent attacks on the science of global warming actually indicated that we do not face an unimaginable calamity requiring large-scale, preventive measures to protect human civilization as we know it.

Of course, we would still need to deal with the national security risks of our growing dependence on a global oil market dominated by dwindling reserves in the most unstable region of the world, and the economic risks of sending hundreds of billions of dollars a year overseas in return for that oil. And we would still trail China in the race to develop smart grids, fast trains, solar power, wind, geothermal and other renewable sources of energy — the most important sources of new jobs in the 21st century. Read more here.

DesalinizationSwansea's new desal plant receives stimulus cash, low-interest loan
Qualifies because of investment in 375 solar panels
SWANSEA — The new water treatment facility and desalination plant has received $1.2 million in federal stimulus funds and a low-interest $5.7 million loan from the state, the Water District announced Tuesday.

The cost of the facility and plant, part of the same system that takes from the Palmer River for conversion to fresh drinking water, now falls below the cost projected in 2005. The $1.2 million stimulus grant increases the reimbursement Swansea was already slated to receive, lowering the total bill to about $17.5 million. Read more here.

Port's shipping business quietly taking off
NEW BEDFORD — It was just a few years ago that not a single freighter tied up to a New Bedford pier. Today, by comparison, it is almost a traffic jam. About 28 freighters, most of them offloading produce from northern Africa, are scheduled to dock in the harbor this year, and the future is looking bright. Read more here.

CSATime to start thinking "CSA"
As New England eases its way into spring with its ususal fits and starts, it's time to start thinking about joing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). CSA is a prepaid subscription to a farm's produce for the season. Most CSAs give shareholders a weekly supply of veggies, herbs, fruits and sometimes even eggs and meat. You know it's fresh and you get to meet the farm and people who grew your food! The prepaid CSA arrangements also makes it a source of financial security for the farmer. Find a list of CSAs here.

New team studies 'green' initiatives in Freetown
FREETOWN — The team to be on in Freetown is green, not just for St. Patrick's Day but all year, now that there is a Green Team to promote practices beneficial to both the environment and the town's budget.

The team, made up of officials and residents, met for the first time recently to explore ways the community can reduce energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energy. Read more here.

Stimulus money for housing unused
PROVIDENCE — The inspector general for the U.S. Department of Energy has singled out Rhode Island, among other states, for failing to distribute any federal stimulus money for home-weatherization projects in the year since the financing was approved. Read more here.

Fishing summit to be held at whaling museum Monday
NEW BEDFORD — Political leaders and fisheries regulators are expected to join industry representatives Monday at a daylong discussion billed as the Northeast Fisheries Summit.

The summit, open to the public at the New Bedford Whaling Museum, comes at a time of high tension between regulators and the industry. The latter has been fighting back against what it views as overly restrictive catch allocations and harsh and arbitrary fisheries law enforcement. Read more here.

Leaf Bullet This Week in Sustainability

Environmental Education: The Fun of Science

March 4, doors at 6:15, talk at 7, Ocean Explorium, New Bedford
By Jasmine Smith-Gillen, Associate Educator-Naturalist, Lloyd Center for the Environment
The Ocean Explorium, with generous support from the Women's Fund of the Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts, is pleased to host the second annual Women in Science + Engineering (WiSE) Speaker Series during the month of March. This series will bring together successful women from our local community and beyond. Every Thursday evening in March a different speaker will present highlights of her personal journey and accomplishments. Details here.

Food, Inc. Showing and Discussion

March 5, 6:00, The Unitarian Church of New Bedford
The Unitarian Church of New Bedford will be hosting the movie "Food,Inc." Guest Speaker Nancy-Lee Wood, PhD, will lead a discussion. The Unitarian Church of New Bedford 71 Eighth street (corner of Union & County Street) New Bedford Ma. 02744 on Friday March 5th at 6:00 pm

Bluebird Monitoring Training

March 7, 1-3:00 pm, Westport Town Farm, 830 Drift Road, Westport
The open fields of our South Coast reservations provide ideal nesting habitat for rare grassland birds such as Eastern Bluebirds. Volunteers are needed to monitor nest boxes regularly during the spring and early summer at locations in Fall River, Westport, Dartmouth, and Rochester. Come learn how you can participate in this ongoing project to bring back the Blues. Free. The Trustees of Reservations. 508-679-2115, bioreserve@ttor.org. Details here.

Green Infrastructure Reserve Presentation

March 8, 11:30 am, Fairhaven - at the back of the wastewater plant, in front of the Recycle Center gate
On behalf of the Board of Public Works and the Board of Selectmen, you’re invited to the groundbreaking for the $8M stimulus-funded State revolving fund “Green Infrastructure Reserve” project on Monday at 11:30AM. In case of bad weather, it will be held inside the adjacent garage.

The anaerobic digester/combined heat and power facility, and three solar photovoltaic funded will save the Town significant operating costs, improve treatment plant performance, and reduce the Town’s overall carbon footprint.

Congressman Barney Frank, DEP Commissioner Laurie Burt, Representative Bill Straus and local officials will be speaking.

Carbon Panel Discussion

March 8, 12 noon, Library Browsing Area
Carbon Panel Discussion with Chad McGuire, Ron Fortier, Adam Sulkowski. Carbon and its implications for a sustainable world. The purpose of this panel discussion is to explore the role of carbon within the larger context of sustainability. To do this, the panel will view carbon through the following lenses: * The carbon cycle; * Human influences on the carbon cycle * How carbon is regulated * How carbon is used; and * How carbon impacts our social fabric. The goal of the discussion is to consider carbon as a singular topic, looking at its role and impacts on human sustainability. Details here.

Sustainability Seder

March 9, 5 p.m., UMass Dartmouth Campus Center, 2nd Floor Conference Room

A traditional, formal Jewish Seder is a feast commemorating freedom from slavery in Egypt. At this special Seder, the symbols of Passover will be taught with emphasis on the freedom of nature's rebirth and how these symbols relate to environmental sustainability.

The event is open to everyone and there is no charge. Please come and learn something about freedom, the Exodus from Egypt, and the importance of an environmentally sustainable world. Complimentary dinner will be served. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Save The Date

Quarterly Meeting of the Southeastern Massachusetts Council on Sustainability

March 11, 2:45 - 5:00 p.m., Bristol –Plymouth Regional Technical School
See six presentations on the following topics: Policy Working Group, Regional Interactive Mapping Project, 99 Steps for Municipalities, The Southeastern Mass Transportation Alliance (SMTA), Economic Development Working Group Project, Trade Your Foodmiles for Foodsteps: Grow Local for 2010 and Beyond. Details here.

Shrink Your Footprint Fair

March 13, 1-5 p.m., Greater New Bedford Voc Tech High School
Live Green - $ave Green!

The Fair will feature live music by Brick by Brick, vendors, exhibits, a free raffle, childrens activities, along with snacks and beverages. Three workshop sessions will follow at 1:30, 2:35 and 3:40pm. There will be three separate workshops during each session; one each for adults, youth and families/kids.

The workshops will feature family and adult gardening workshops led by Derek Christianson of Brix Bounty Farm and Alan Palm from the Allicance for Climage Education, will be leading workshops on using media to get your message out, youth leadership, and messaging through the arts. Other workshop topics will include native landscaping, green parenting, composting and much more.

The event is FREE and open to the public. Bring the whole family this is going to be a child friendly event. Details here.

The Positive Economic Impact of Agriculture in Massachusetts

March 18, 7:30AM - 9:00AM, Westport (directions)
An informative presentation highlighting current agricultural economic conditions and trends in Massachusetts and the many benefits to your business and Community.

Speaker: Commissioner Mr. Scott J. Soares, of the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources. Commissioner Soares will be available to address additional questions at the conclusion of the meeting. Information will be available for Mass DAR services including Technical Assistance, Grant, and Resource Programs.

The meeting will adjourn at 9:00 AM. Breakfast cost $10.00, please call Thelma Sullivan at 508-679-1123 to make certain we have enough seats and food. Details here.

Green Fair 2010

March 20, 10am-4pm, Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School
The intent of our Green Fair is to promote individual choices that reduce the human impact on southeastern Massachusetts watersheds, especially those of the Assawompset Pond Complex, and to connect people with other organizations that are trying to do the same, including organizations and agencies that preserve and protect land and water resources and promote enjoying and understanding the workings of nature in southeastern Massachusetts. FREE raffle will take place at the Fair - The winning ticket will receive a collection of items donated by many Green Fair exhibitors. Visit the Green Fair, try your luck with the raffle and learn how to protect your family, home and world. Details here.

Six Sigma and Sustainability

March 24, 4 p.m., location TBA
Six Sigma and Sustainability are buzz words in business and they both are having huge influences on each other and modern business and organizations. Dr. Norm Lamontagne discusses government regulations, the challenges of Lean and Six Sigma and impacts in the workplace. FREE event with light refreshments. For more information on Net Impact UMass Dartmouth visit www.netimpactumd.org. Or email netimpactumd@gmail.com Details here.

Healthy SouthCoast by Design Summit

March 23 & 24, Location and time TBA
Healthy SouthCoast by Design Summit is a two-day, hands-on conference being held on March 23 & 24, 2010. The two-day presenter is Mark Fenton, a nationally recognized expert on healthy communities. For more information about what Mark will be speaking about visit this website: www.nspapph.org/resources/video.html This is a free event. Details here.

Planet in Peril: Battle Lines - Sustainability Film Series

March 24, 6:30 pm, UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area
This film takes viewers on a journey around the world to places where natural resources are caught in the crossfire of conflict. CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and National Geographic Channel host Lisa Ling travel to the front lines to investigate the battles being waged over oil, animals and food. Cooper and Gupta travel to Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where dwindling food supplies push people farther into the jungle, exposing them to mysterious and deadly diseases that scientists think could lead to the next pandemic. Ling heads to the Niger Delta, where the thirst for oil has sparked a deadly battle in Nigeria. Sponsored by Office of Campus & Community Sustainability at UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area. Details here.

Dmitri Orlov

March 25, 7 p.m., UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area
Join us for a presentation by Dmitri Orlov, provocative author of Definancialization, Deglobalization, Relocalization: Managing Risk and Building Resilience in a Resource Constrained World. Details here.

Enhance Your Farm’s Future

March 27, 8:00 am-4:00 pm, Bristol Aggie
3rd Annual One-Day Farm Conference & Resource Fair Organized by Bristol County Conservation District & SEMAP Saturday, March 27, 2010, 8:00 am-4:00 pm Bristol County Agricultural High School, 135 Center St., Dighton MA. Register here.

Westport River Watershed Alliance Annual Meeting.

March 27, 3-5:00 pm, Westport Grange, 931 Main Road, Westport, MA.
Bill Napolitano, Environmental Program Director for the Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD), and Betsy White, WRWA’s Wild and Scenic Coordinator, will present on what a Wild and Scenic Designation would mean for the Westport River watershed. Also, Jim Rathmann will be nominated to the Board of Directors and we will present the WRWA Annual Environmental and Volunteer Awards. Refreshments will be available. Please R.S.V.P. (508) 636-3016, or e-mail info@wrwa.com. Details here.

Fresh: The Movie

March 30, 6:00PM - 9:00PM, Providence (directions)
Come watch Fresh at Award-Winning Local 121, Tuesday March 30th, 2010! We are hosting this film with EcoRI, Rhode Island's source for environmental news. There is a requested donation of what you can give at the door so we can cover our costs, and there will be local delicious food (ranging from 6 - 14 dollars).

Hope to see you all there! Doors at 6. Film's at 7. Hosted by Farm Fresh RI, EcoRI and Local 121 at the Local 121: 121 Washington St, Providence, RI. Details here.

Massachusetts Organic Gardening Workshop Day

April 10, 9:00AM - 12:00PM, Dartmouth (directions)
Join us at Brix Bounty Farm (1 of 10 locations throughout Mass.) at the NOFA/Mass Organic Spring Gardening Workshop Day. We'll Cover the tools and techniques to ensure your 2010 garden is a bounty, including new bed preparation, spring garden renovation, compost, row cover, succession planting and more. Registration: $30 per person, $5 discount for NOFA Members, and $5 discount if registered by March 27, 2010. Visit www,nofamass.org to register.

Hosted by Brix Bounty Farm at the Brix Bounty Farm: 858 Tucker Road, Dartmouth, MA. Details here.

Seal and Bird Watching – Cuttyhunk Island

April 10*, 9:45 a.m. (check-in), 10 a.m. (boat departs) – 2 p.m. (boat returns ashore), 66B State Pier, South Bulkhead, New Bedford
During early spring, coastal waters are quite active with migratory movements, with many `overwintering’ seals and waterfowl highly visible. At `Gull Island’, a small sandbar situated along the Elizabeth Island chain between Cuttyhunk Island and Penikese Island, seals haul-out at low tide, and waterfowl linger in the surrounding waters. Harbor, grey, and harp seals may be viewed, along with ducks, gulls, loons, and cormorants. Details here. *Weather reschedule date: April 11.

Regional Conference on Sustainability

April 27, 8:30-4:00 p.m., Bristol Community College
Regional Conference on Sustainability featuring keynote presenters including Richard Heinberg and Mark Sylvia Director of Massachusetts Green Communities Division, and panel discussions of special interest to municipal leaders and local businesses. Sponsored by the Southeastern Massachusetts Council on Sustainability.

Leaf Bullet Announcements

Dartmouth YMCA farm project needs your help

The Sharing the Harvest Community Farm at the Dartmouth YMCA is a contestant in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Help the Farm win $50,000 by casting your vote today! The public can vote once a day, everyday! Details here

Kettle Farm Pond seeks 3 interns

For the 2010 season we are looking for three unique individuals to intern from April through October. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about sustainable organic farming by farming! We hope to foster a learning atmosphere that will benefit the farm and the interns. There are plenty of opportunities for interns to share their skills and interests with the farm whether it be writing an article for the weekly newsletter or helping with educational programs. Details here.

Rochester group arranges recycling of electronics

ROCHESTER — As part of the March 20 TEAMS Green Fair, Miracle Network Solutions of Middleboro has arranged for CRT Recycling of Brockton to collect hard-to-dispose-of items such as computers and TVs.

CRT Recycling will be in the parking lot of the Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School where the fair will be held. Details.

The Marion Institute seeks a Development Fundraising Professional

The Marion Institute (MI) (www.marioninstitute.org) seeks a Development Fundraising Professional to join the Executive Director and MI team. We are looking for a person who is excited by the prospect of leading and managing all aspects of MI’s fundraising. Founded in 1993, the Marion Institute is a member based non-profit that acts as an incubator for a diverse array of programs and projects that delve into the root cause of an issue and seeks to create deep and positive change. We work with individuals, schools and communities to inspire change in the areas of health and healing, sustainability, green economics, environmental education, spirituality and much more. Details here.

Mini- Grant Proposals for Fairhaven Schools

The Fairhaven Sustainability Committee (FSC) is seeking "mini grant" proposals to be funded for completion by the end of the school year. Up to $300.00 is available for a school based project to help the sustainability committee achieve it's mission to study, recommend and facilitate actions and systems that will educate and engage the community and lead to the responsible consumption of resources and the implementation of life sustaining practices in order to create a healthy environment and future for our community. Teachers or staff from all disciplines in the Fairhaven school system are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must complete the short mini-grant application and submit it to the (FSC) by March 19th. Proposals will be judged by the Fairhaven Sustainability committee and a winner will be selected by April 1st for implementation by the end of the school year. Here is a copy of the application which can be emailed to dhealy@umassd.edu or mailed to Deirdre Healy 2 Layfette Street Fairhaven

SEMAP looking for Executive Director

Position announcement - accepting applications until March 1, 2010
The SEMAP Executive Director:

  1. Actively seeks economic development opportunities for the region’s commercial farmers. Is responsible for securing funding to implement the SEMAP mission, meet operating needs, and assure long-term fiscal stability of the organization. In addition to grant writing, the Executive Director is expected to use multiple approaches including a) corporate membership, b) individual membership, and c) community visibility and “revenue-positive” event planning.
  2. Provides leadership for the operations of SEMAP.
  3. Maintains and develops SEMAP’s signature programs and services.
  4. Works with and reports to the SEMAP Board of Directors.

For more information, contact info@semaponline.org -- include "SEMAP search" in the subject line

Brix Bounty Farm Apprenticeships and Other Opportunities

Visit - http://www.brixbounty.com/about/apprenticeships/ for more information about agriculture production apprenticeships, urban agriculture apprenticeships, internships & research opportunities, and mini-apprenticeships at Brix Bounty Farm. We also have a listing of other local farms currently offering apprenticeship opportunities on the apprenticeship page. The next round of "mini-apprenticeships" are scheduled to begin in mid to late February 2010.

Interested in Joining the Brix Bounty Team? Please send a letter of interest to derekchristianson@gmail.com or call 508-992-1868.

Roots Down Winter Schedule

4 Thursdays (Feb 18, 25 and March 18, 25) 4PM-6PM
This series of four workshops is geared toward new and experienced gardeners who are interested in learning more about organic growing techniques, connecting with other gardeners, and learning about nutrient dense food production. Each workshop will build on topics presented in the earlier workshops, so we invite and recommend attending all four dates. More details about each session available at brixbounty.com

Please RSVP to preregister by contacting us at 508-992-1868 or emailing derekchristianson@gmail.com. We plan to resume monthly Roots Down - New Bedford Workshops in April 2010. Visit www.BrixBounty.com for more information.

Where: At the Rotch-Jones-Duff House&Garden Museum, 396 County St. in New Bedford. Meet in the Coachman’s House (enter off 7th st.)

Lloyd Center Seeking Director of Development

The Lloyd Center for the Environment, a highly regarded research and educational organization, headquartered in Dartmouth Massachusetts, seeks an experienced Director of Development to work closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in developing and executing an aggressive fundraising strategy. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Weekly Green Tip
Zap Harmful Air Pollutants, Naturally
A number of common plants have been shown to be effective at absorbing VOCs. Learn more here.

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