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April 21 to 28, 2010

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"The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built. "
- Frank Lloyd Wright

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Leaf Bullet News
Climate Change
Volcano!Spring comes 10 days earlier in changed U.S. climate
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Spring comes about 10 days earlier in the United States than it did two decades ago, a consequence of climate change that favors invasive species over indigenous ones, scientists said on Tuesday.

The phenomenon known as "spring creep" has put various species of U.S. wildlife out of balance with their traditional habitats, from the rabbit-like American pika in the West to the roses and lilies in New England, the environmental experts said in a telephone news briefing. Read more here.

Arctic Ice!Betting on climate change
Last year, Beluga Shipping discovered that there's money in global warming.

Beluga is a German firm that specializes in "super heavy lift" transport. Its vessels are equipped with massive cranes, allowing it to load and unload massive objects, like multi-ton propeller blades for wind turbines. It is an enormously expensive business, but last summer, Beluga executives hit upon an interesting way to save money: Shipping freight over a melting Arctic. Read more here.

Arctic Ice!Scientists call for research on climate link to geological hazards
Experts say suggestions that climate change could trigger more volcanoes and earthquakes are speculative, but there is enough evidence to take the threat seriously
Scientists today called for wide-ranging research into whether more volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis could be triggered by rising global temperatures under global warming. Read more here.

Salinity!Ocean salinities show an intensified water cycle
Evidence that the world's water cycle has already intensified is contained in new research to be published in the American Journal of Climate.

The stronger water cycle means arid regions have become drier and high rainfall regions wetter as atmospheric temperature increases. Read more here.

Volcano!NASA Sensors Providing Rapid Estimates of Iceland Volcano Emissions
A NASA research team is using the latest advances in satellite artificial intelligence to speed up estimates of the heat and volume of lava escaping from an erupting volcano in Iceland.

On March 20, 2010, Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano (pronounced "Aya-fyatla-jo-kutl,") awakened for the first time in 120 years, spewing still-active lava fountains and flows. That day, a NASA "sensor web" -- a network of sensors on the ground and aboard NASA's Earth Observing-1 satellite, alerted researchers to this new volcanic "hot spot." The eruption was detected by autonomous "sciencecraft" software aboard the satellite, which is known as EO-1. Read more here.

BiodieselOnce-hidden EU report reveals damage from biodiesel
Biofuels such as biodiesel from soy beans can create up to four times more climate-warming emissions than standard diesel or petrol, according to an EU document released under freedom of information laws.

The European Union has set itself a goal of obtaining 10 percent of its road fuels from renewable sources, mostly biofuels, by the end of this decade, but it is now worrying about the unintended environmental impacts. Read more here.

GullBearing Witness: Chris Jordan on Art, Grief, and Transformation
Photographer Chris Jordan's latest project left him feeling grief and hopelessness. Now he wants more people to discover how productive those emotions can be. Photographer Chris Jordan is used to working on the large scale. His most famous works try to capture the sheer scope of American consumer culture: discarded circuit boards spread out like a city, teetering stacks of crushed cars, two million plastic bottles (the number Americans use every five minutes) compiled in a single photograph. Read more here.

CoalBill before New York state lawmakers would ban use of pesticides on school playing fields
Syracuse, NY -- Children race out of their classrooms onto green, fluffy grass playing fields. They tumble and slide, roll around and laugh. Their pants turn green from grass stains. They rub their eyes and faces. They drop water bottles and snacks onto the lawn.

The lush grass helps to protect their knees from scrapes and guards them against serious injury. But the grass also could make them sick, according to environmental advocates and numerous scientific studies. Read more here.

Recycling A Program to Certify Electronic Waste Recycling Rivals an Industry-U.S. Plan
The Basel Action Network, an American watchdog group that has sought to curb the export of toxic electronic waste from the United States, plans to begin a new certification and auditing program on Thursday for both recyclers and companies that generate electronic refuse.

In addition to outlining safe domestic handling and disposal practices for old televisions, computers and other electronic devices, the system would effectively bar participating recyclers from exporting toxic, nonfunctional electronic waste to developing nations. The program will compete directly with a less stringent standard recently developed by industry and the federal government that companies and recyclers say makes more economic sense. Read more here.

Chemical Safety Reform Gains Momentum in Congress
Two bills in Congress would dramatically strengthen the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA's) ability to regulate chemicals. The bills shift the burden of proof to industry, which would have to demonstrate the safety of existing and new chemicals. That's a major change from the existing system, in which EPA must prove that chemicals are harmful before it can regulate them. Read more here.

Local businessLocal Economies Close the Distance Between Us
But our city planning policies are rigged against them. How can we support neighborhood businesses that slow the pace of life and encourage people to get to know each other?
I live in a 19th century neighborhood in a small New England city. My mother-in-law, who grew up in this same neighborhood, often talks about what it was like during her childhood in the 1940s. What I find most striking about her description is how many businesses our little section of town once had. There was a grocery store, hardware store, two drugstores, a tailor, and more. Read more here.

Cash for ClunkersMass. appliance exchange program may boost sales
TAUNTON - It's like "Cash for Clunkers" for home appliances.

The Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange, which starts Thursday, offers mail-in rebates to replace old, inefficient home appliances with new, energy efficient models. Read more here.

Fairhaven congregation earns green designation
FAIRHAVEN - From composting and organic gardening to adopting a shoreline and hosting an eco-fair, a Fairhaven congregation has taken to heart its commitment to live in harmony with the Earth, completing an intensive, three-year greening process.

The Unitarian Universalist Church began working toward official designation as a Green Sanctuary church in 2007, according to Bill Elliott, congregation member and chair of the visioning group. Read more here.

PCB CleanupCity Pier lands $2M grant to clean up PCBs
FALL RIVER - City officials, joining Lt. Gov. Tim Murray near the banks of the Taunton River adjacent to Point Gloria, offered arguably the best news Thursday in nearly 30 years for what's known as City Pier.

Two million dollars is now available to clean up and prepare marina development of the 4 1/2-acre site along the Heritage State Park boardwalk, Murray and Mayor Will Flanagan enthusiastically announced as the wind whipped off the river and most of the two dozen people on hand applauded. Read more here.

UMass Dartmouth's plans to open acreage as a Living Classroom
DARTMOUTH - On Tuesday, April 20, UMass Dartmouth's Sustainability Initiative will reveal plans to turn the campus into a community-building, hands-on learning venture and recreation space for the whole region to experience. Read more here.

FoodHUNGRY FOR CASH: City schools look into privatizing food services
Fall River - As the school department seeks to better control food service costs, officials have began looking at the possibility of privatizing some functions of the system.

The School Committee recently heard proposals from two national food service providers, Preferred Meal Systems and Chartwells, about the potential of bringing their services to the city's school cafeterias. Read more here.

Leaf Bullet This Week in Sustainability

Healthy City Spring Workshop

April 21, 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Government Center Atrium, Fall River Government Center
A gathering to nurture ideas and action for a Healthier Fall River. Join us for any one or all three learning opportunities in the atrium of Fall River Government Center and enjoy a healthy supper prepared by George Malatantis of the Highland Luncheonette. Please reserve your place now and pay only $10 at the door.

Volunteer Opportunity - Earth Day At The Lloyd Center For The Environment

April 22, 9:00am to noon, The Lloyd Center, Dartmouth
In the spirit of Earth Day, work will include removal of invasive species on the Lloyd Center property and clearing of brush, otherwise cleaning up some of our popular hiking trails. All volunteers are welcome, and pre-registration is suggested to enable the Center to notify volunteers if weather makes it necessary to cancel the event. We will break at 12 noon for a light picnic lunch (provided by the Lloyd Center). To learn more about this event or to pre-register, call our Event Line (508-558-2918) or visit our website - www.lloydcenter.org.

The Paul Winter Consort's Earth Mass

April 23, 8pm, Zeiterion Performing Arts Center, New Bedford
In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day the Z is honored to bring The Paul Winter Consort's Missa Gaia (Earth Mass) performed by The Consort, guest artists, a choir and "the greater symphony of the Earth" including wolves, whales, eagles, and several dozen other species of "wilderness musicians" to New Bedford's magnificent St. Anthony of Padua's church. Details here.

Net Impact UMD 2nd Sustainable Winery/Brewery Tour

April 24, 10 am - 4:30 pm, UMass Dartmouth to various local wineries and breweries
Join Net Impact UMD on Saturday, April 24, 2010 for a winery/brewery tour. Assistant Charlton College of Business Dean and wine/sustainability guru Garry Clayton will be lecturing about the finer points of wine, sustainability and the South Coast. The tour via motorcoach will visit Travessia Urban Winery, Buzzards Bay Brewery and Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery. The trip includes lunch, tastings and transportation.

The tour is FREE for members of Net Impact Central and $30 for non-members. Not a NI member? Membership fees are $30 for grads and $10 for undergrads. Professional/community memberships are also available. The trip is open to UMass students, faculty, employees, their spouses and friends as well as the community at large.

Visit the NIUMD website: www.netimpactumd.org or email netimpactumd@gmail.com to reserve your seat and for more info. Details here.

4th Annual Fortress Green Building Supply & The Green Patriots Earth Day Celebration & Green Building Tour

April 24*, Noon to 4:00pm, 38 Faunce Corner Rd. Dartmouth
I would like to invite any and all Students, Teachers, Staff, Members of the Sustainability Council, & others to attend our Celebration. We will have Live Green Building demonstrations, a tour of the building, and educational demos & info about the various green building & solar heating components, and the principals involved. We would also like to invite students or staff to display or handout any info related to Sustainability & the Environment.

There will also Open House, in NB, by Effortless Design. Smart Growth Mixed-Use Project Remodeling & SIPs Addition - 464-468 Brock Avenue New Bedford
Energy Star Smart Growth Mixed-Use Project "If You Lived Here, You Would Really Reduce Your Carbon Footprint"
*Rain date - Saturday, May 1

Vernal Pool Exploration

April 24, 9 - 11am, Russel Mills parking lot, Dartmouth
Learn how you can attract native bees, butterflies and other benefical insects to your garden and how you can help us to survey and monitor these important pollinators at the Westport Town Farm. Details here.

Civic Engagement Summit

April 24, 11am - 4pm, UMass Dartmouth Woodland Commons
The primary goal of the summit is to increase understanding of community assets as a means to deepen our commitment to civic engagement. If you are interested in civic engagement or want to understand how to build community, develop volunteers, or use service learning. Keynote speaker: Professor John McNight, Northwestern University, and Governor Deval Patrick has been invited. UMass Dartmouth, Woodland Commons, South Dartmouth. $25. Students with valid i.d., free. Lunch provided. Register here.

Native Pollinator Workshop

April 24, 9am -11am, Russells Mills - Dartmouth
Join Education Coordinator Shelli Costa in an up-close and personal exploration of some local vernal pools at DNRT's Parson's Reserve. These seasonal water bodies provide crucial breeding habitat for mole salamanders, wood frogs, and other species. We will be getting our hands wet looking for frog/salamander eggs and other critters that are dependant on these pools.Details here.

Regional Conference on Sustainability

April 27, 8:30-4:00 p.m., Bristol Community College
Regional Conference on Sustainability featuring keynote presenters including Richard Heinberg and Mark Sylvia Director of Massachusetts Green Communities Division, and panel discussions of special interest to municipal leaders and local businesses. Sponsored by the Southeastern Massachusetts Council on Sustainability. Details here.

No Impact Man (Sustainability Film Series)

April 28, 6:30 p.m., UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area
As the news stories go: "Colin Beavan is a liberal schlub who got tired of listening to himself complain about the world without ever actually doing anything about it" Thus, in November, 2006, Beavan launched a year-long project in which he, his wife, his two-year-old daughter and his four-year-old dog went off the grid and attempted to live in the middle of New York City with as little environmental impact as possible. The No Impact project has been the subject of stories in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, and many other national and international news outlets. Details here.

Lloyd Center Annual Meeting

April 28, 6:30 p.m., Dartmouth Grange Hall, 1133 Fisher Road, Dartmouth
The is pleased to announce that the key-note speaker at the organization's upcoming Annual Meeting will be noted science-education expert Bradie C. Metheny. Bradie Metheny is one of the foremost strategists in the field of medical science. For more than three decades he has worked closely with distinguished scientists, academicians, and leaders within the federal government, toward the development of thoughtful and productive science policy. Mr. Metheny has had a career in communications that has covered virtually all aspects of the profession Join fellow members in celebrating the Lloyd Center's recent accomplishments and learn about plans for the future. The seventh annual presentation of the George G. Haydock Award will be given to an individual, selected by the staff and Board of Directors, who is deemed to have made a most outstanding contribution to protecting the nature of our coastal environment. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Save The Date

Richard Heinburg: Enter The Post Carbon Era

April 29, 12:30-2:00 p.m., UMass Dartmouth Woodland Commons (new info)
Mr. Heinberg has presented around the world about his work and has appeared in many film and television documentaries. He is the author of numerous books on the topics of Peak Oil and Energy. His most recent book, Blackout, discusses the implications for relying on coal as the next solution to our energy crisis. It is hailed as "a must-read for planners, educators, and anyone concerned about energy consumption, peak oil, and climate change." Details here.

Impact of Climate Change on Regional Ecological Resources

April 29, 7:00 p.m., Westport Middle School
Hector Galbraith, Director of the Climate Change Initiative at Manomet Center for Conservation Services, will speak on research regarding the impacts of climate change on our regional ecosystems. Co-sponored with MassAudubon Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary and the Wesport Fishermen's Association. This is a free event. Details here.

Birding in the Bioreserve

May 1, 6 - 9AM, Watuppa Reservation Headquarters, 2929 Blossom Road, Fall River
Join Fred Thurber of the Paskamansett Bird Club at the height of the spring migration. Large unfragmented areas like the Bioreserve support an array of warblers and other interior forest birds such the wood thrush, ovenbird, and scarlet tanager. Many of these unique birds pass through the area for only a few weeks each spring on their way north. Bring binoculars. Details here.

The Big Walk

May 1, 9am - 4pm., Watuppa Reservation Headquarters, 2929 Blossom Road, Fall River
Strap on your hiking boots and experience the vastness of the unbroken forest on a walk that spans the full length of the 13,600-acre Bioreserve. The full hike is 14 miles but pick-ups will be available at 4, 8 and 12 miles. Details here.

Organic Gardening Workshop

May 1, 6 - 9AM, Soule Homestead Education Center at the Golden Rule Farm: 46 Soule Street, Middleboro (directions)
This spring, just as it comes time to plant the garden, Frank Albani, Soule Homestead's Director and Market Grower, presents our annual hands-on Organic Gardening Workshop on April 17, from 9am-12pm. Growing our own food is an excellent way to save money, lessen our carbon footprint, improve our health, and connect with neighbors and nature. Isn't now a good time to learn skills that will help you plant a garden and make it productive throughout the year? This workshop is led by an experienced gardener, and is intended to meet the tremendous resurgence of energy and action for backyard and community gardening. In addition to explaining and demonstrating some key steps that can empower you to start your own garden, this workshop provides a great opportunity for you to ask questions. Whether you are a complete newcomer to gardening or you just feel that you could use some brushing up on growing skills and concepts, this workshop is for you. More Info: www.soulehomestead.org or call the office: 508-947-6744. Details here.

Annual Sheep Day / Earth Day Celebration

May 1, 10:00AM - 3:00PM, Soule Homestead Education Center at the Golden Rule Farm: 46 Soule Street, Middleboro (directions)
The annual Sheep Day / Earth Day Celebration, will be held this year on Saturday, May 1, from 10am until 3pm. Visitors can celebrate the return of spring and watch while the Homestead's flock of sheep get their warm-weather haircuts. Shearer Andy Rice will be hard at work all day shearing, explaining his work and answering questions. Local crafters will be demonstrating their traditional crafts and exhibiting their work. Richard Seaman of sheepdog Junction will be leading a sheep-herding demonstration. Botanist, (Mike) Schroeder will take groups on a nature hike around the grounds. The day will include children's activities, working with wool, gardening and games, plants and crafts for sale, and refreshments. Admission is $5.00 for adults, $2 for children under 12, and children under 3 free. Free admission to all members / become a member and admission is free! Call the Homestead at 508-947-6744 for more information. Details here.

Spring on the Farm

May 1, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Buttonwood Park Zoo, New Bedford
Cost: Free with zoo admission The sun is up, the soil is warm and it's time to get busy. Plant seeds, visit the animals, and learn about life on the farm with crafts and activities. Details here.

The Lives of Ospreys--a Satellite's-eye View

May 6, 7:00 p.m., Westport Public Library
Rob Bierregaard, an east coast osprey expert, shares his experiences tracking these birds in Westport and around the globe. Satellite telemetry has opened a fascinating window into the lives of many species of birds--Ospreys included. This new technology enables us to study migration routes and timing as never before, as well as insights into how Ospreys learn their migration routes and where they are most vulnerable on their 6000+ mile round-trip between the breeding grounds and their winter hide-outs. The recent upgrade of the technology to include GPS accuracy now enables us to follow the Ospreys' hunting behavior and reveals the not-too-surprising fact that each Osprey fisherman has his favorite fishing holes. This is a free event. Details here.

4th Annual Rhode Island Wool and Fiber Festival

May 15th*, 9:00AM - 4:00PM, Bristol, RI (directions)
Come see sheep shearing done by hand, make crafts in the Kid's Tent, watch a Fleece to Shawl contest, skirting of wool demonstrations and other interesting demonstrations by local Guilds, see fiber animals, learn about Rhody Warm Blankets, and browse the many, many vendors with wool and fiber related items for sale. And of course, tour the Museums? 18th Century Farmhouse to see hearth cooking, weaving, spinning and dyeing.


May 15th*, 7:00am - 8:30am, Lloyd Center Headquarters, lower lot, 430 Potomska Road, Dartmouth
Rise early to see and hear avian life during the peak of breeding season on our unique Hardscrabble Nature Preserve with its forest, freshwater wetlands, and estuary habitats. In addition to learning about the birds encountered during this early morning stroll through the Center's trail system, participants will discover other interesting aspects of nature on the Lloyd Center property. This walk is suitable for all levels ... novice birders especially welcome. Participants should bring binoculars. To learn more about this event, call the Lloyd Center Event Line (508-558-2918)
(*raindate: Sunday, May 16)

Community Garden Kick-off

May 22, 9AM - 12Noon, Westport Town Farm (directions)
Inch by inch, row by row, help us make this garden grow! Cultivate a stronger community along with delicious fresh veggies by joining us for our first community garden volunteer day of the year. Details here.

Osprey Tour with Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures

May 29, 9AM - 1PM, Osprey Sea Kayak, Westport (directions)
The Westport River is home to the largest Osprey colony in New England. Come explore the river and observe these magnificent birds from our excellent vantage point. We'll paddle along the islands to view the ospreys watching over their nests, soaring above the river, and dramatically diving for food. Shelli Costa, Education Director, from the Westport River Watershed Alliance, will join us to add insight into their behavior. This is a bird lover's trip not to be missed. Costs are $40 for members, and $50 for non-members. Please contact Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures at (508) 636-0300 to register for this event. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Announcements
NewsletterSpring Sustainability Newsletter Launched
We're proud to announce that the spring newsletter has been published! Check it out to learn about the imminent launch of our Sustainability Assessment and Climate Action Plan, find out about our plans to turn the long-neglected UMass Dartmouth Forest into a living classroom, get updates on numerous campus sustainability proejcts, and find out about our growing Green Navigator program. Download the newsletter PDF here.

City of New Bedford's Energy Office seeking interns

The Office promotes sustainability activities within city government as will all other sectors. Activities include energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, waste reduction, green buildings, alternative fuels, efficient transportation, recycling, water conservation, and other areas designed to reduce the environmental impacts of city activities and operations. The team works to develop policies and guidance, as well as identify and implement appropriate projects that will facilitate meeting short and long-range goals and targets, particularly the climate and energy goals established by the Mayor's Office. Contact Scott.Durkee@NewBedford-MA.gov for more info.

CSASign up for your local "CSA"
As New England eases its way into spring with its ususal fits and starts, it's time to start thinking about joing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). CSA is a prepaid subscription to a farm's produce for the season. Most CSAs give shareholders a weekly supply of veggies, herbs, fruits and sometimes even eggs and meat. You know it's fresh and you get to meet the farm and people who grew your food! The prepaid CSA arrangements also makes it a source of financial security for the farmer. Find a list of CSAs here.

Bioneers Seeking Workshop Proposals

Please SAVE THE DATE for the 6th Annual Conference, Thursday October 21st - Sunday October 24th, in historic Downtown New Bedford MA.

We are now excepting workshop proposals for the 2010 conference. To submit a workshop proposal please download the form below and e-mail it back to us at glenn@marioninstitute.org. Thank you for your participation, we can't wait for your ideas! Details here.

The Marion Institute seeks a Development Fundraising Professional

The Marion Institute (MI) (www.marioninstitute.org) seeks a Development Fundraising Professional to join the Executive Director and MI team. We are looking for a person who is excited by the prospect of leading and managing all aspects of MI's fundraising. Founded in 1993, the Marion Institute is a member based non-profit that acts as an incubator for a diverse array of programs and projects that delve into the root cause of an issue and seeks to create deep and positive change. We work with individuals, schools and communities to inspire change in the areas of health and healing, sustainability, green economics, environmental education, spirituality and much more. Details here.

Lloyd Center Seeking Director of Development

The Lloyd Center for the Environment, a highly regarded research and educational organization, headquartered in Dartmouth Massachusetts, seeks an experienced Director of Development to work closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in developing and executing an aggressive fundraising strategy. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Weekly Green Tip
GreenBooks to help green your kitchen
Even as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day tomorrow, many of us still don't know entirely what it means to "go green."

But a stack of new food-oriented books tries to supply the answers - at least for the kitchen - and offer a roadmap for buying, cooking and eating in a more environmentally astute way. Learn more here.

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