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May 5 to 12, 2010

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Ocean Acidification: The "Other Carbon Problem"

The Lives of Ospreys


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Movie: Food Design

Community Garden Kickoff



CSAs getting ready: are you?

Lloyd Center is hiring

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Bust Runoff with a Rain Garden

Clip of the Week

China: From Red to Green
PBS videon on China's soaring population and rapid industrialization.

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"Every good movement passes through five stages, indifference, ridicule, abuse, repression, and respect."
- Mahatma Gandhi

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Leaf Bullet News
JordanJordan River could die by next year
The river, where Christians believe Jesus was baptized, is now little more than a polluted stream.
The once mighty Jordan River, where Christians believe Jesus was baptized, is now little more than a polluted stream that could die next year unless the decay is halted, environmentalists said Monday.

The famed river "has been reduced to a trickle south of the Sea of Galilee, devastated by overexploitation, pollution and lack of regional management," Friends of the Earth, Middle East said in a report. Read more here.

BP oil spill could happen anywhere: Norway
An oil spill similar to the one in the Gulf Mexico could easily happen in Norway, said the country's environment minister, while Statoil's chief said the Nordic oil nation could learn lessons from the accident. Read more here.

OilWhy It's So Tough To Stop The Gulf Oil Leak
More than a week after an explosion destroyed an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, thousands of gallons of oil continue to flow into the Gulf. The blast killed eleven workers, and created one of the largest oil spills in U.S. waters.

As investigators search for the cause of the explosion, crews work around the clock to stop the flow of oil and contain the slick. Some of the oil may be set on fire to prevent a larger catastrophe and damage to the U.S. coastline. Read more here.

SlickBP reels as spill advances, fallout widens
Energy giant BP Plc was under siege on Monday over the catastrophic oil spill from its ruptured Gulf of Mexico well, as its shares fell and the U.S. government pressed it to try to limit a major environmental disaster.

As a huge oil slick advanced toward the Gulf Coast shoreline, the London-based company came under increasing pressure to do more to stop, or at least control, what is fast turning into the worst oil spillage in U.S. history. Read more here.

FishThe Wonders of Cap and Trade (for Fishermen)
On May 1, a sea change swept over the New England fishing industry as the government instituted fundamental changes in the way the local fisheries are managed. To hear the howls of protest, you'd think the feds had just proposed to drain the ocean in an attempt to put every last fisherman out of business.

The truth is that the new system, called "catch shares," or sectors, has worked in fisheries around the world since the concept was born in New Zealand, Australia, and Iceland in the 1970s. In most cases, sectors result in a win-win-win situation for the environment, fishermen, and consumers. Despite reams of evidence and testimony from fishermen, it seems like the wheel has to be reinvented every time catch shares are introduced to a new area. Read more here.

RoundupFarmers Cope With Roundup-Resistant Weeds
DYERSBURG, Tenn. — For 15 years, Eddie Anderson, a farmer, has been a strict adherent of no-till agriculture, an environmentally friendly technique that all but eliminates plowing to curb erosion and the harmful runoff of fertilizers and pesticides.

But not this year. Read more here.

MapHigh-speed rail in the United States
The Obama administration recently announced the recipients of nearly $8 billion in stimulus grants that will help seed the planning and construction of high-speed rail corridors.
Read more here.

SouthCoast students are environmental stewards, state says
Several SouthCoast schools were among those honored last week when Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ian Bowles recognized programs aimed at teaching students about energy and the environment. Read more here.

Locavores. Run!Lunching locally: Devotees of food sourced from close at hand share creative potlucks
Carnivore, herbivore, omnivore, locavore.

Locavore? You can find the first three words easily enough in a standard dictionary but "locavore" didn't make its debut in the New Oxford American Dictionary until 2007. By then, "locavore" came on strong, earning the designation "word of the year." Read more here.

Major oil spill here 'monstrous to think about'
As beached sea turtles and dead birds paint a picture of a greasy, Southern catastrophe, Bay State scientists and environmentalists described to The Standard-Times what an epic oil spill could look like in New England waters. Read more here.

OUR VIEW: Cape Wind's home port
Besides providing Cape Cod with three-fourths of its energy, the $2 billion Cape Wind project could help transform the New Bedford waterfront and make the city a leader in the field of clean energy. Read more here.

StudentsPacheco School students go green and earn cash
NEW BEDFORD — At the Carlos Pacheco Elementary School, youngsters are earning green while being green and, in the process, learning about the value of recycling.

"The school signed up for the brigades, an upcycling program started by TerraCycle that is now in more than 50,000 schools nationwide. It's an easy thing to do," said Paul Stone, the school's adjustment counselor who found the program on the Internet. Read more here.

URI has links to oil cleanup work
Igniting the oil that continues to leak from the remnants of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico could be extremely challenging, according to the University of Rhode Island researcher who is developing the computer program being used to track the spill as it heads toward the mouth of the Mississippi River. Read more here.

Bike!Commuter challenge: Reduce CO2, work out going to work
Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition and RIPTA's Commuter Resources group are challenging Rhode Island's commuters this month to ditch their cars and exercise their way to work -- and home -- during the 2010 Commuter Challenge.

"The goal of the challenge is to see how many people we can get to choose a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation. If you typically drive alone in the car how about carpooling or taking the bus? If you are already a bus commuter, how about trying out bicycle commuting?" Bike Providence says on its Web site. Read more here.

Concord fires first shot in water battle
CONCORD — For years, Jean Hill has been reading about the environmental consequences of the countless plastic bottles filling landfills and polluting local waters. She has watched as other towns around the country have cut purchases of bottled water, which she views as a wasteful, environmentally damaging alternative to tap water. Read more here.

Leaf Bullet This Week in Sustainability

Ocean Acidification- The “Other Carbon Problem”

May 6, 7:00 p.m., Ocean Explorium
Ocean Acidification is the lesser known consequence of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. Come hear about the five things you must know about the phenomenon, and how it could affect you and communities like New Bedford. Details here.

The Lives of Ospreys--a Satellite's-eye View

May 6, 7:00 p.m., Westport Public Library
Rob Bierregaard, an east coast osprey expert, shares his experiences tracking these birds in Westport and around the globe. Satellite telemetry has opened a fascinating window into the lives of many species of birds--Ospreys included. This new technology enables us to study migration routes and timing as never before, as well as insights into how Ospreys learn their migration routes and where they are most vulnerable on their 6000+ mile round-trip between the breeding grounds and their winter hide-outs. The recent upgrade of the technology to include GPS accuracy now enables us to follow the Ospreys' hunting behavior and reveals the not-too-surprising fact that each Osprey fisherman has his favorite fishing holes. This is a free event. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Save The Date

Free movie: FRESH

May 13th, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Tabor Academy, Lyndon South Auditorium in the Academic Center, Marion
The first in the Marion Institute’s Sustainable Screening Series, a series that will be brought to the tri-town every few months with the goal of turning individuals’ passions and ideas into community wide conversation and action.

FRESH celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system. Forging healthier, sustainable alternatives, they offer a practical vision for the future of our food and our planet. FRESH addresses an ethos that has been sweeping the nation and is the call to action America has been waiting for.

Arbor Day Spring Cleanup

May 15th, 9:00AM - 12:00PM, Marion Music Hall
Meet at the Music Hall to get your bags, gloves and street assignments. All collected trash will be returned to the Music Hall. Thank you for your help in cleaning up the town.

4th Annual Rhode Island Wool and Fiber Festival

May 15th*, 9:00AM - 4:00PM, Bristol, RI (directions)
Come see sheep shearing done by hand, make crafts in the Kid's Tent, watch a Fleece to Shawl contest, skirting of wool demonstrations and other interesting demonstrations by local Guilds, see fiber animals, learn about Rhody Warm Blankets, and browse the many, many vendors with wool and fiber related items for sale. And of course, tour the Museums? 18th Century Farmhouse to see hearth cooking, weaving, spinning and dyeing. Details here.


May 15th*, 7:00am - 8:30am, Lloyd Center Headquarters, lower lot, 430 Potomska Road, Dartmouth
Rise early to see and hear avian life during the peak of breeding season on our unique Hardscrabble Nature Preserve with its forest, freshwater wetlands, and estuary habitats. In addition to learning about the birds encountered during this early morning stroll through the Center's trail system, participants will discover other interesting aspects of nature on the Lloyd Center property. This walk is suitable for all levels ... novice birders especially welcome. Participants should bring binoculars. To learn more about this event, call the Lloyd Center Event Line (508-558-2918)
(*raindate: Sunday, May 16)

Lyme Awareness Fair

May 16th, 11:00am - 3:00 pm, Grange Hall, 931 Main Rd, Westport
Informational booths on Lyme and the various co-infections. Including: symptoms, diagnosing/testing, treatment and therapies, tick education for children, protecting your property, personal protection, protecting your pets, books and other resources.

Food Design - A Film by Martin Hablesreiter and Sonja Stummerer

May 20, Doors at 6, Film at 7, Local 121 in Providence, RI (directions)
The sound of sausage: When a bite produces a distinct crunch, they taste particularly good. Fish sticks, on the other hand, don't make such great noises, but they can be arranged nicely in the pan. And is it merely a coincidence that bologna fits perfectly onto a slice of bread, and that when combined, they make up a popular snack?

FOOD DESIGN takes a look at the secret chambers of a major manufacturer of food, where designers and scientists are defining your favorite mouthful of tomorrow. It shows how form, color, smell, consistency, the sounds made during eating, manufacturing technique, history and stories are all aspects of food and eating that both influence food design, and are created by it. Hosted by Farm Fresh RI, EcoRI and Local 121 at the Local 121: 121 Washington St, Providence, RI. Local Buffet Dinner (optional) is available for $12. Pay at the Bar.

Principles of Organic Gardening

May 20, 6:30 to 8 PM, Seekonk Public Library, 410 Newman Ave.
Katherine Brown, Executive Director of Southside Community Land Trust in Providence, will give a presentation on organic gardening – turning over the soil for the first time, preparing the soil, selecting hardy seedlings, fertilizing, and insect control. Since its founding in 1981, SCLT has turned approximately 5 acres of formerly vacant lots into community gardens, expanded its farm operation to 50 preserved acres in Cranston, established the Broad Street Farmer's Market, and developed a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. SCLT has grown, donated and sold hundreds of pounds of organic produce, helped 15 schools start their own gardens and garden clubs, hosted countless numbers of young people at City Farm's Children's Garden, educated volunteers about urban environmental and local food issues, and assisted in the start-up of 7 new minority-owned farm businesses.

Free film: DIRT

May 21, 7:00 PM, Parish House at the corner of Center and Green Streets in Fairhaven
The acclaimed movie,”Dirt” will be shown at the Unitarian church of Fairhaven as part of the eco/social justice Friday film series. Film night is Friday May 21 at 7:00 in the Parish House at the corner of Center and Green Streets in Fairhaven. For more information call the church office at 508 9927081.

“Dirt takes center stage in this entertaining yet poignant documentary from Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow and Eleonore Dailly, which unearths our cosmic connection to soil and explores how diverse groups of people are uniting to save the natural resource. Drawing inspiration from William Bryant Logan's book Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth, the filmmakers combine lively animations with personal accounts from farmers, scientists, activists and more.”.

Community Garden Kick-off

May 22, 9AM - 12Noon, Westport Town Farm (directions)
Inch by inch, row by row, help us make this garden grow! Cultivate a stronger community along with delicious fresh veggies by joining us for our first community garden volunteer day of the year. Details here.

Paper Shredding Day for Southcoast Businesses and Residents

May 22, 9 am to 1 pm, parking lot across from City Hall on the corner of William Street and North 6th Street
Businesses and residents of New Bedford and the surrounding communities are welcome to bring two boxes of paper (e.g. bank statements, medical forms, insurance forms, retired tax forms, receipts, personal files) FREE of charge. There is a charge of $5 per box for more than two boxes. Each box should weigh no more than 30 pounds. Paper clips and staples do not need to be removed, but please remove paper from folders and binders. Shredded paper will be recycled into new products such as paper towels. Call (508) 979-1493.

Swansea Beach Cleanup

May 22, Swansea
Early arrivals find coffee and donuts available to get them started before being deployed down onto the beach. At noon, the Friends will again provide free hot dogs, pizza, chips, and drinks to all the volunteers. Cotton gloves are also available to protect against blisters and volunteers are asked to bring a rake, pitch fork, or shovel if they can. This event has become the traditional summer kick off for many in the neighborhood. For more information, call the FOBOGNA info line at 508-678-7000. Details here.

Osprey Tour with Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures

May 29, 9AM - 1PM, Osprey Sea Kayak, Westport (directions)
The Westport River is home to the largest Osprey colony in New England. Come explore the river and observe these magnificent birds from our excellent vantage point. We'll paddle along the islands to view the ospreys watching over their nests, soaring above the river, and dramatically diving for food. Shelli Costa, Education Director, from the Westport River Watershed Alliance, will join us to add insight into their behavior. This is a bird lover's trip not to be missed. Costs are $40 for members, and $50 for non-members. Please contact Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures at (508) 636-0300 to register for this event. Details here.

Climate Action Plan workshops

June 9, 8:00-4:00 pm, UMass Dartmouth Woodland Commons and Library Browsing Area
Colleges & Universities are encouraged to send represenative teams of faculty, staff, students and administrators for a chance to network with peer institutions and learn best practices in the creation, submission, and implementation of campus climate action plans.

Workshop topics:

  • Energy Efficiency: Low & No Cost Non-building efficiency programs
  • Pathways toward zero net energy buildings
  • Reducing Scope Three Emissions: Commuting and Travel
  • Reducing Carbon Through Offsets and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
  • Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects
  • Massachusetts Energy Policies and Campus Climate Programs
Individual opportunities to have your questions answered by the experts! Details here.

Leaf Bullet Announcements
Save the date: Sustainability Camp
We will be offering our third Sustainability Camp at UMass Dartmouth this coming July 12-16. This year's camp will focus on building a sustainable school. Offered for middle school students, the camp costs $80, with scholarships available. Contact Jen Gonet at jgonet@umassd.edu.
NewsletterSpring Sustainability Newsletter Launched
We're proud to announce that the spring newsletter has been published! Check it out to learn about the imminent launch of our Sustainability Assessment and Climate Action Plan, find out about our plans to turn the long-neglected UMass Dartmouth Forest into a living classroom, get updates on numerous campus sustainability proejcts, and find out about our growing Green Navigator program. Download the newsletter PDF here.

City of New Bedford's Energy Office seeking interns

The Office promotes sustainability activities within city government as will all other sectors. Activities include energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, waste reduction, green buildings, alternative fuels, efficient transportation, recycling, water conservation, and other areas designed to reduce the environmental impacts of city activities and operations. The team works to develop policies and guidance, as well as identify and implement appropriate projects that will facilitate meeting short and long-range goals and targets, particularly the climate and energy goals established by the Mayor's Office. Contact Scott.Durkee@NewBedford-MA.gov for more info.

CSASign up for your local "CSA"
As New England eases its way into spring with its ususal fits and starts, it's time to start thinking about joing a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). CSA is a prepaid subscription to a farm's produce for the season. Most CSAs give shareholders a weekly supply of veggies, herbs, fruits and sometimes even eggs and meat. You know it's fresh and you get to meet the farm and people who grew your food! The prepaid CSA arrangements also makes it a source of financial security for the farmer. Find a list of CSAs here.

Bioneers Seeking Workshop Proposals

Please SAVE THE DATE for the 6th Annual Conference, Thursday October 21st - Sunday October 24th, in historic Downtown New Bedford MA.

We are now excepting workshop proposals for the 2010 conference. To submit a workshop proposal please download the form below and e-mail it back to us at glenn@marioninstitute.org. Thank you for your participation, we can't wait for your ideas! Details here.

The Marion Institute seeks a Development Fundraising Professional

The Marion Institute (MI) (www.marioninstitute.org) seeks a Development Fundraising Professional to join the Executive Director and MI team. We are looking for a person who is excited by the prospect of leading and managing all aspects of MI's fundraising. Founded in 1993, the Marion Institute is a member based non-profit that acts as an incubator for a diverse array of programs and projects that delve into the root cause of an issue and seeks to create deep and positive change. We work with individuals, schools and communities to inspire change in the areas of health and healing, sustainability, green economics, environmental education, spirituality and much more. Details here.

Lloyd Center Seeking Director of Development

The Lloyd Center for the Environment, a highly regarded research and educational organization, headquartered in Dartmouth Massachusetts, seeks an experienced Director of Development to work closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in developing and executing an aggressive fundraising strategy. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Weekly Green Tip
RainGardenBust Runoff with a Rain Garden
Homeowners and businesses can stem the tide of polluted runoff threatening our waterways by setting up a simple "rain garden," which is beautiful as well as beneficial. Learn more here.

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