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August 26 to September 2, 2010

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Coaltion for Buzzards Bay Open House

DNRT Sqare Dance


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Transportation Expo/Council Quarterly Meeting

Growing Winter Greens



Volunteers needed to monitor water quality

Last chance for an ecoTour of the Westport River

Weekly Green Tip:

12 Ways to (Painlessly) Go Green in 1 Year

Clip of the Week

Charles Moore: Sailing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Capt. Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation first discovered the Great Pacific Garbage Patch -- an endless floating waste of plastic trash. Now he's drawing attention to the growing, choking problem of plastic debris in our seas.

Weekly Quote:

"One of the first laws against air pollution came in 1300 when King Edward I decreed the death penalty for burning of coal. At least one execution for that offense is recorded. But economics triumphed over health considerations, and air pollution became an appalling problem in England."
- Glenn T. Seaborg, Atomic Energy Commission chairman, speech, Argonne National Laboratory, 1969

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Leaf Bullet News
Norton Toyota plans 5 million cumulative hybrid sales by 2015
oyota Motor Corp said on Wednesday it wants to reach cumulative sales of 5 million hybrid vehicles in the early part of this decade.

Toyota, the pioneer in gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, said earlier this month it had sold more than 2.68 million hybrid vehicles globally since it launched the first model in 1997. Read more here.

Pakistan 800,000 Stranded By Floods In Pakistan, U.N. Says
About 800,000 people have been cut off by floods in Pakistan and are reachable only by air, the United Nations said Tuesday, adding it needs at least 40 more helicopters to ferry lifesaving aid to increasingly desperate people.

The appeal was an indication of the massive problems facing the relief effort in Pakistan more than three weeks after the floods hit the country, affecting more than 17 million people and raising concerns about possible social unrest and political instability. Read more here.

Deep In Gulf Water, Bacteria Are Eating Spilled Oil
There are some encouraging signs from the Gulf of Mexico that bacteria are consuming the underwater oil plume from the broken BP well. The news comes just days after oceanographer Christopher Reddy and a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution said they had found a big underwater oil plume in May and June, but no signs of oil-eating bacteria.

At the time, Reddy said microbes are about as predictable as teenagers. "Microbes are pretty selective in how they eat oil," he explained. "Sometimes they kick in; sometimes they don't. Sometimes they do the easiest work and they don't do the hard work." Read more here.

Sunny D Sunny Delight Achieves Zero Waste in U.S.
Sunny Delight Beverages Company's recently released 2009 Sustainability Report outlines the company's accomplishments over the past year, the most significant being the achievement of their Zero Waste to Landfill Goal by all U.S. and Spanish manufacturing plants more than 3 years ahead of schedule.

The zero waste goals were achieved at Sunny's Anaheim, Mataro and Littleton plants in 2009, 4 years ahead of the company's 2013 goals. Their Atlanta, Sherman and South Brunswick plants reached the same milestone in early 2010, making the entire company "zero-waste-to-landfill" from operations 3 years ahead of schedule. The waste reductions saved the company $169,000 in direct costs last year alone. Read more here.

Tidal Tidal turbine generates grid-ready power on initial test
Testing has proceeded for what could be the largest ocean power facility on United States waters and initial results are promising, said the project developer Ocean Renewable Power Company.

Ocean Renewable Power's tests showed that its tidal turbine produced 60 kilowatts of grid-suitable power from the currents of Cobscook Bay in Maine. Read more here, or read Boston Globe coverage here.

Farmer's Market Grist vs. New York Times: Debating Local Food
A tomato from California or from a nearby city garden? For the local food movement, there's no question—cut those food miles.

But journalist and self-described "liberal curmudgeon" Stephen Budiansky challenged this wisdom in a New York Times op-ed last week, declaring that local food is "not an end in itself, nor is it a virtue in itself." His article, titled "Math Lessons for Locavores," set off a wildfire of debate online about what it really means to eat local as well as the other aspects of sustainability, from seasonality to community. Read more here.

Energy 2009 Snapshot of U.S. Energy Use by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Look at How Much Energy is Wasted!
The image above (see the full size version in this PDF) is a snapshot of energy use in the United States in 2009. On the left, the different sources (solar, nuclear, hydro, wind, etc) and how many quads of energy they contribute, and then by following the lines you can see how that energy is used, and how much of it is wasted. Read on for more details. Read more here.

Peak Coal What if there's much less coal than we think?
How much coal is there in the world?

It's tough to think of a more important question for the next half-century. The answer will play a huge role in shaping public policy and directing capital investments. So we've got it pretty well nailed down, right?

Turns out, maybe not. Read more here.

GradsNew Guide Spotlights Expanding Roster of Green MBA Programs
The slumping economy may be dragging down the share prices of some of the nation's largest companies, but it isn't slowing down the business students dreaming of one day leading their sustainability programs, or the universities angling to train them. Read more here.

A New Era of Sustainability
Today's CEOs are more committed than ever to creating a sustainable business. Yet the motivator is no longer just social responsibility; it's now equally about achieving high performance measured in terms such as lower costs, stronger customer relationships and increased revenues.

This relentless business focus is a key characteristic of a "new era of sustainability," one in which environmental, social and corporate governance issues are embedded throughout operations, the supply chain and subsidiaries. Read more here.

Efficiency Public Underestimates Savings of Energy Efficiency
A survey finds that most people think cutting back on activities is better for energy savings than efficiency improvements. They're wrong.

Most of us know we should rein in our energy use. But to be successful, it'd help if we knew the best way to do it. So scientists asked more than 500 people, "What's the most effective thing you can do to conserve energy?" The results were illuminating. Read more here.

Cleveland Smart Bins to Rat Out the Non-Recycler
Cleveland has announced plans to expand upon a current program that fines residents for not recycling.

At some point we've all taken the more congreenient route and not recycled because it was just plain easier to throw the piece of garbage in the regular bin. Generally this kind of flagrant disregard gets you reprimanded by a roommate, spouse, or family member, but nothing more. However, if you live in Cleveland, you might want want to drop the casual attitude to recycling, because you could soon be fined for it. Read more here.

Small House 9 homes made of the darndest things
Green building — designing homes and businesses to maximize energy and water efficiency and minimize harm to the environment — has been gathering steam across much of the world. In New York City, architects are exploring the exciting potential of growing fresh food in the urban landscape through green roofs and vertical farms. Read more here.

Op-Ed: Disaster at the Top of the World
STANDING on the deck of this floating laboratory for Arctic science, which is part of Canada's Coast Guard fleet and one of the world's most powerful icebreakers, I can see vivid evidence of climate change. Channels through the Canadian Arctic archipelago that were choked with ice at this time of year two decades ago are now expanses of open water or vast patchworks of tiny islands of melting ice. Read more here.

Crow Sheryl Crow's Current Concert Tour Includes Kick-Ass 'Environmental Rider'
Just how serious is Sheryl Crow about practicing what she preaches? The notoriously green musician — who is a founding member of the Green Music Group as well as a supporter of The Humane Society of the United States, a recent National Resources Defense Council honoree and all-around do-gooding activist – has an environmental rider for her current 100 Miles From Memphis tour! Read more here.

Electric Car RI's first public car charging station
The Rhode Show is going green and talking about some of the latest technology for electric vehicles and the first charging station in the state.

Peter Arpin from Arpin Renewable Energy along with Nick, Ron and Pete from Cardi's Furniture joined the Rhode Show to talk more about their exciting new event. Read more here.

Wind Turbine blade manufacturer TPI setting up shop in Fall River
FALL RIVER — Gov. Deval Patrick welcomed turbine blade manufacturer TPI Composites Inc. to the state and the city Wednesday, saying, "We believe if we get this right the whole world can be our customer."

The Arizona-based global company is converting a 69,000-square-foot masonry building at the Tillotson complex, adjacent to the waterfront, as a research and development and prototype manufacturing facility. Read more here.

Economy New Bedford well-positioned for economic growth
NEW BEDFORD — Over the past five years, New Bedford has attracted hundreds of millions of dollars in private investment and established a reputation among developers and business executives as an excellent place to do business.

The continued new growth the city has experienced — projects like Wamsutta Mills, Riverside Landing, the new downtown hotel — have created jobs and increased the city's tax base, all during an economic downturn unmatched by anything since the Great Depression. Read more here.

AG's report details cost of Cape Wind power
Consultants hired by the state attorney general made public yesterday a more revealing assessment of the price for energy from the Cape Wind project: an average of 23 cents per kilowatt hour a year for the wind farm's first 15 years.

Cape Wind, the utility National Grid, and state officials have said the project will cost 18.7 cents per kilowatt hour in the first year, but there is a 3.5 percent annual price escalator built into the proposed contract to sell electricity from the energy project. Read more here.

Solar Sea Lab class reflects, looks ahead
NEW BEDFORD — As 230 students looked back on six weeks of summer learning at Sea Lab, Rhett Lewis looked ahead to their future.

Lewis, an official of the National Urban Coalition and co-founder of "Say Yes to a Youngster's Future," traveled from Washington, D.C., to become the first African-American to address a Sea Lab closing ceremony. Read more here.

Market Somerset power plant revival held up by environmental concerns, state's red tape
SOMERSET — Almost eight months after the Somerset Station power plant was shut down, there is still no timetable for when the plant will begin creating power again, as a proposal for a new energy-production process is stuck in limbo.

The coal-powered facility on Riverside Avenue was deactivated in January following a state mandate to either switch to a clean energy production method or stop operations. But with a state policy banning the method of energy production the plant's owners want to use and with lawsuits from environmentalists, reactivation doesn't appear imminent. Read more here.

Related: Brayton Point, Somerset Station taking different paths to cleaner future

How a market for local food fits in Boston
Donald Wiest is the man behind efforts to forever change food shopping in Boston. As head of the Boston Public Market Association, he is pushing a plan to open a retail public market for local growers, seafood merchants, and other food sellers in a state-owned building along the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway. Wiest sat down with Globe reporter Casey Ross recently to discuss his vision for the market and how it would change the city. Read more here.

Bus Jack Spillane: Taking the bus route with New Bedford's finest
I'm sitting next to this Mayan man on the Ashley Boulevard bus and I'm holding up fingers.

Three. Four. Five. When I get to seven, he finally shakes his head, "Yes."

We're having a hard time communicating in English.

He has seven children, he says, and seems embarrassed. He sends money back to Guatemala for them. Read more here.

Frank Barney Frank and Jim McGovern maneuver to kill Hess LNG terminal
FALL RIVER — The two Democratic congressmen representing the city said they have come up with a plan to deliver the death blow to the proposed Weaver's Cove liquefied natural gas terminal.

Congressmen Barney Frank and James McGovern Thursday announced they will be including an amendment in the House appropriations bill for the Department of Energy stating that "no funds made available by the act may be used to take any action to authorize the construction of any liquefied natural gas terminal or its infrastructure to be located within five miles of the city of Fall River, Massachusetts, or to authorize vessels carrying liquefied natural gas to serve such terminal." Read more here.

Jamestown is Rhode Island's center for LNG opposition
JAMESTOWN, R.I. — They may be miles away from Weaver's Cove Energy's proposed liquefied natural gas terminal, but Rhode Island's fight is centering on the tiny island of Jamestown.

Two separate groups based on the Narragansett Bay island are taking separate approaches to unify Rhode Island communities and organizations in an effort to stop the project. Read more here.

Leaf Bullet This Week in Sustainability

Coaltion for Buzzards Bay Open House

August 27, 3-7pm,  114 Front Street New Bedford
This Friday August 27th The Coalition for Buzzards Bay will add a new chapter to the centuries old history of New Bedford with the grand opening of the Buzzards Bay Center in the heart of the historic district. This green renovation of the Coggeshall Counting House will be a driving force towards reconnecting the community to the waterfront, to Buzzards Bay, and beyond. Details here.

Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust's 2010 "Barn Bash" Square Dance

August 28, 6:00pm-10:30pm, at the Sylvan Nursery Barn 253 Horseneck Road, Dartmouth
Please join DNRT and its local supporters for a fun-filled evening of delicious food and lively square-dancing to benefit land conservation in Dartmouth. Food by Morton's Fork Catering. Dancing to the calling of Linda Leslie & the music of "Three Cats and a Dog". Details here.

Kayak the Westport River

August 29, 9AM - 1PM, Osprey Sea Kayaks, 489 Old County Rd, Westport, MA
Paddle north from The Let to Spectacle Island, viewing protected properties along the way. Bring water, sun block and water shoes. Please pre-register. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Save The Date

Community Gathering and Screening of "Coal Country"

September 8, 6 p.m., The Garage (79 N. Water Street, New Bedford)
As a lead-up to Appalachia Rising, the Green Jobs Green Economy Initiative is hosting a local screening of the documentary "Coal Country." Join us in New Bedford on September 8th at 6pm at The Garage (79 N. Water Street) to learn about both sides of the struggle to bring prosperity and justice to the coal fields. Every time we turn on a light, we are supporting the coal industry and their actions. Come to learn what that means and what we can do to help shape the future for ourselves and for the people of Appalachia. Please click here for more details on the film screening.

Electric Car Talk

September 8, 6 p.m., BRAVO, 123 Empire St., Providence.
Al Dahlberg, coordinator of Project Get Ready RI, will talk about advancements in legislation, infrastructure and public awareness that are paving the way for adoption of electrical vehicles in the state. The Rhode Island chapter of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association is sponsoring the meeting. Free. Details here.

Coalition for the Responsible Siting of LNG Facilities

September 9, 7 p.m., Calvary Temple Assembly of God, 4321 North Main St., Fall River, MA
Please make every effort to attend. Bring a friend! Email: nolng1@yahoo.com

Fair Trade Futures Conference

September 10-12, Quincy, MA
rom September 10-12, 2010, the Fair Trade Futures Conference will bring together entrepreneurs, students, advocates, faith community members, and interested individuals, in Quincy, MA for the largest Fair Trade event in North American history! The event will include workshop, debates, site visits, discussions, social activities, and an exposition of 50+ Fair Trade vendors to educate and inspire about the holistic approach to business and poverty alleviation that Fair Trade provides. Details here.

Feast in the Field

September 10, 6:00PM - 10:00PM | Portsmouth, RI (directions)
You are cordially invited to join us for the Third Annual Feast in the Field - a unique culinary experience celebrating locally produced seasonal foods, native wines and a spectacular coastal New England setting To Benefit New England FarmWays (NEFW) Since 2005, NEFW has benefitted farm operators in southern New England through training programs, technical assistance and marketing support to position and promote their farms as places of significant history, culture, ecology and beauty; farmers as stewards of our lands and natural resources; and agriculture in its many forms as essential to the economic development and quality of life we enjoy in the region. This year's Feast is part of NEFW's 2010 Campaign - "The Farm – Southern New England''s Next Great Destination." Details here.

Chaos, Fractals, and Patterns in Nature

September 11, 10AM - 12Noon, Watuppa Reservation Headquarters, 2929 Blossom Road, Fall River, MA
Free. No description yet. Details here.

3rd Annual Eco/Energy Fair

September 11, 10AM - 2:00pm, Harrop Center at the Unitarian Church, Fairhaven
Please join us for our 3rd annual Eco/Energy Fair in the Center of Fairhaven from 10am-2pm. As in past years there will be educational booths and companies available to explain their alternative energy products. Join us for this wonderful free event. Lunch will be available for purchase on the porch of Harrop Center at the Unitarian Church. Details here.

Extending the Season: Growing Winter Greens

September 11, 3:00PM - 5:00PM, Providence
he garden is on the corner of Westminster and Bridgham Streets Hosted by Urban Agriculture Task Force at the Bridgham Community Garden: 1200 Westminster St, Providence, RI. Contact Urban Agriculture Task Force at (401) 273-9419 x27 for more information. Details here.

Fifth Annual Slocum River Regatta

September 11, Demarest Lloyd State Park, Barney's Joy Road, Dartmouth
Price varies by event category. Pre-registration required. This event is open to single/double racing/recreational shells, single/tandem kayaks, canoes, single/double fixed-seat rowboats – five-oared whaleboats (with cox), all in men's, women's and co-ed categories. Races will start and finish near the mouth of the Slocum River (nearby the Lloyd Center's pier and dock) and traverse a two-mile closed-loop buoyed course on the tidal waters of one of New England's most beautiful estuaries. The emphasis of the regatta is on good fun and enjoyment of the scenic Slocum River. A post-race light lunch and awards ceremonies will follow the race. Details here.

Sunset Kayak Tour

September 16, 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m., Lloyd Center Headquarters, Dartmouth
What better way to end the day than a peaceful paddle along the Slocum River. You'll feel your stress dissolve as you glide along this spectacular estuary, enjoying the setting sun. Watch wading and shorebirds flock to feed, see fish jump and await the multitude of color changes in the sky. This is a wonderful and relaxing way to explore the delicate ecosystem of this salt marsh. Details here.

Gulf Oil Spill Symposium

September 15, 12-1:30 p.m., UMass Dartmouth Library Browsing Area
Gulf Oil Spill Symposium with Author John Perkins, SMAST Dean John Farrington, Dr. Garry Clayton, and Dr. Dean Moosavi. Join us as we discuss the environmental, political, and economic aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill as well as other oil spills worldwide.

Green Futures Monthly Meeting

September 16, 7:00 p.m., Union United Methodist Church, corner of Highland Ave.& Pearce St., Fall River
Please make every effort to attend. Bring a friend! Email: info@greenfutures.org Details here.

Council on Sustainability Quarterly Meeting & Transportation Expo

September 23, 1:00PM to 5:00PM, Ocean Explorium, New Bedford
Please save the date for the September quarterly meeting of the Southeastern Massachusetts Council on Sustainability, with a focus on transportation. The meeting will take place on Thursday, September 23, 2010 from 1:00PM to 5:00PM at the Ocean Explorium.

This event will feature an afternoon of speakers and displays that show that our transportation system is about so much more than "the movement of people and goods". Details here.

From Burping Fish to Giant Oil Spills: How can a local Sea Grant Agent help fishing communities survive?

September 23, Reception at 6:15, talk at 7, Ocean Explorium, New Bedford
Mr. Theberge writes that "Right now one of the popular ideas/issues in ecology is how do we insure that natural communities stay resilient, so that they can recover from disturbances. We should have the same goal for fishing communities: How can we keep them resilient against climate change, fluctuating fish populations, changes in fuel prices, oil spills and other natural, social and economic factors?" Details here.

Working Waterfront Festival

September 25-26, 11am - 7pm (5pm on Sunday), New Bedford State Pier Area
Join us in New Bedford, America's largest commercial fishing port, to learn about the men and women who harvest the North Atlantic. Walk the decks of a scalloper, dine on fresh seafood, mend a fishing net and watch a Coast Guard rescue demonstration. Experience the workings of the industry which brings seafood from the ocean to your plate. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Announcements
Volunteers Needed to Monitor Water Quality in Buzzards Bay
Now in its 19th year, Baywatchers is Massachusetts' largest volunteer-based coastal water monitoring effort. From May through September, more than 100 dedicated volunteers help to monitor the health of Buzzards Bay by testing water samples in more than 30 harbors and coves from the Westport River to Woods Hole and the Elizabeth Islands.

A strong science background is not necessary. A good Baywatcher is someone who can consistently commit to one hour a week, between 6-9 am, from May-September. Baywatcher volunteers must be able to follow scientific instructions on how to test the water using the provided test kit and be agile enough to work on docks and piers along the water's edge. Learn more here.
Organic Agriculture certificate courses open for September
Bristol Community College (BCC) announces the opening of registration for its Organic Agriculture program with courses leading to a 29-credit certificate in organic agriculture. Courses are offered in the Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 semesters. Organic Farming Practices I is the first of a two-semester course sequence focusing on soils and raising crops organically. Other courses include plant biology, water management, and sociology of food, famine, & farming. Additional courses planned for the Spring semester (2011) include Natural Beekeeping. Upon completing the coursework students can do an on-farm practicum with local farms to apply the theory learned in the classroom. The certificate will provide graduates with the skills to strengthen their farming/gardening capabilities as producers, consultants, or employees of the regionally developing small-scale agriculture sector. BCC is an open enrollment college and students are invited to enroll in the program or to take single courses to meet their own needs.

Details about the program and course descriptions are online, or email Dr. Jim Corven at james.corven@bristolcc.edu
Fall Sustainability Courses
We are pleased to announce our summer and fall sustainability courses, including several online-only courses for those hot summer months. See the course list here.
Farmer's Markets!
With the harvest in full swing, it's time to get out and buy from your local farmers. Support local growers, raisers, craftspeople, and other businesses at your local farmer's markets this summer. See the local list here.
Sharing the Harvest Volunteers Needed
In the Dartmouth YMCA's Sharing the Harvest July newsletter they have put out a call for volunteers to help them bring in the harvests for 2010. It's a great way to get your hands dirty, pitching in to help grow food for the Hunger Commission of SE Massachusetts and community members in need. They have volunteer drop in hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays 9AM-Noon and Thursdays 2:30PM-5PM. For more information just stop by the Dartmouth YMCA or call their volunteer coordinator, Donna at 508-993-3361 x13 or email: sharingtheharvest@ymcasouthcoast.org.
Westport River EcoTours
Eco-tours of the Westport River are available on Thursdays and Fridays until Labor Day Weekend. There will be a tour at 10 AM to noon and another from 1PM to 3PM on Thursdays and Fridays. If none of those time work for you, give us a call and we will see if we can find another time during the week to take you on a journey down the river. There is a limit of four people per tour, and children under the age of 13 must wear a life preserver at all times. It is $25 per person for WRWA members, and $35 non-members. Please call our office at (508)636-3016 to book a tour. If you are paying with a credit card please give us your information when you reserve your tour – your card will not be charged until after the tour. The boat leaves from Dock D-Slip 1 from F.L. Tripps on Cherry & Webb Lane, so please meet us there at least ten minutes before departure time. Learn more.

Bioneers Seeking Volunteers

Volunteering at Bioneers by the Bay is a wonderful and economical way to experience the conference as well as a tremendous opportunity to help a great cause. We will give you a one-day pass in exchange for your full-day volunteer shift. Details here.

Lloyd Center Seeking Director of Development

The Lloyd Center for the Environment, a highly regarded research and educational organization, headquartered in Dartmouth Massachusetts, seeks an experienced Director of Development to work closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors in developing and executing an aggressive fundraising strategy. Details here.

Leaf Bullet Weekly Green Tip
12 Ways to (Painlessly) Go Green in 1 Year
Here at Beachbody®, we're all about getting lean and healthy. And one of the things we also want to slim down is our carbon footprint—the measure of our impact on the environment. From sweeping changes like making our packaging greener to little things like using filtered tap water at the office instead of those big plastic water cooler jugs, we're doing our part to try and make our planet as healthy as we're trying to make our bodies. Learn more here.

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